July 30, 2017

A Few New Things....

So, if you've been to my blog before, you'll notice a few new things.

New title.

New pictures.

New font.

But the address is still the same.

We had family pictures taken this past week and it just felt like it was time for some newness on here to match the newness of family pictures that only have three of us in them. And I really liked the words the Lord gave me for one of the pictures: I love this glorious mess.

That's what life feels like sometimes, isn't it? A mess. A hot, chaotic, is anyone even in charge kind of mess. But, as Corrie ten Boom so beautifully puts it, what looks like a mess to us is a beautiful picture to God. Because He sees the whole picture, start to finish. He sees the beauty and glory that He has woven into each moment. Each hard, crappy, human moment has been gloriously and divinely touched by our Creator. Making each mess a glorious mess.

If I ever get around to writing that book (or really, just getting someone to publish blog posts I've already written), that just might be the title: This Glorious Mess. And one of these pictures (so beautifully captured by Lydia at Bright and Beautiful Photography) just might make the cover:

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