June 19, 2017

The CBC Family Tour is Headed to South Africa!

Today is the day we've been waiting for! We're starting our journey to Bethesda today to work and serve some precious people. Here are some ways you can be praying for us:

Travel Safety
We first must drive to Chicago for our flight. Pray for safety as we drive. Ask the Lord to protect the bus we'll be riding in this morning. Pray that the drive will be a great time of fellowship and continuing to get to know each other better as we prepare to serve.

Then, of course, we have two flights before we reach South Africa. Pray that the planes will be functioning correctly, the pilots are rested and healthy, and that we can get what will be much needed sleep on each flight.

We won't be in South Africa until Wednesday morning, but pray for safety for those picking us up at the airport and for our trip to Bethesda.

We'll be making a stop in London on Tuesday. We are currently planning to take several hours and see some of the city. If you've been watching the news, London has had a lot of tragedy lately. Pray that the Lord would remind us that He does not give a spirit of fear and we can trust that He is the God who provides and protects. Pray that we will be attentive and listen to His voice for any changes that need to be made to our plan. And that we would have good attitudes if/when changes need to happen to our London plans.

Serving in South Africa
Of course, this is the main point of our trip. Pray that the Lord will fill our mouths with His words of love and truth and encouragement at all times. Pray that we would be open to any changes in plans because He knows best and knows where we need to be to make His name known. Ask the Lord to show us how to love well those missionaries on the ground at Bethesda. They do hard, holy work and it's tiring and it's not always easy to see God's hand moving. We want to be support and encouragement to them while we are there so they can continue to fight the good fight of faith with and for these precious young lives the Lord has put in their care.

Boldness in sharing the Gospel
This is probably where I need the most help! Ask the Lord to give us the boldness to share the Gospel and His story through our own story any time the Lord gives us the opportunity. Even if it means talking to someone on the plane instead of reading. Even if it means praying over our waitress as we eat in London. Even if it means chatting with the person next to us as we wait to board the plane. Pray that we will be sensitive to the Spirit's leading at every point of this trip so that others can know Him and put their trust in Him.

Our Families
We are all leaving family of some kind at home: spouses, children, parents, siblings. It's hard. It's more than a little scary, for them and for us. Pray that the Lord will fill us (and them) with peace so we can focus on serving and not on worrying about how things are going back home. We won't have lots of opportunity for phone calls and internet and posting things (which I do all the time, so it will be a huge adjustment for my family!) which will make it all the harder for our families back home. Ask the Lord to do great things in South Africa and in the hearts of our families while we are gone.

Thank you in advance for all of your prayers!

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