June 04, 2017

My Summer Prayers

The last few weeks have been fun, full, emotional, crazy, and everything has felt totally out of sync. When this happens it never fails that prayer and time in the word is always the first thing that gets cut short or cut out all together. I hate that! That's not what I want to be the first thing to go, yet it always is!

Also, I finished the Bible study I was doing and felt a little lost in doing more than just reading Psalms as I have been doing for awhile. Not having a plan for prayer and Bible study makes it easier for me to set it aside and not make it a priority because I feel lost every time I sit down to read or pray.

I've been tired and emotional and had some hard anniversaries in the last two months or so, and that, of course, makes the motivation to do anything pretty low. I knew I had to do something or the summer would slip away and I would miss some good things. So, I sat down and made a list of things I wanted to see happen in our home and lives this summer. Then I wrote out how I wanted to pray for those things. Then I found a Bible study I can do that also has a children's study to go along with it (it's a little young for Sophie, but I wrote in something extra for her to do on each day, so I think it will all work out.) I know the days this summer will still be scattered because I know that if my days are full or need to start early, I am horrible at making room for time in prayer and the Word for all three of us together. But, these things will be a good first step in keeping me (and the kids) organized and accountable. Two things I badly need.

Here is what I am praying for this summer:

  • Ethan's salvation
  • All three of us to have a hunger for the Word
  • Drawing closer to God and closer to each other
  • For the Holy Spirit to give us true understanding of His Word as we read it
  • That we would become prayer warriors
  • That we would have Christ's servant heart at all times
  • Rest and renewal
  • Renewed energy and love and passion for our homeschooling journey
  • An ever-developing love of learning in my children
  • Wisdom to teach my children to read and study the Word on their own
  • Revelation from God about the skills and gifts He's given each of my children and how those gifts can be used to serve God and others
  • Clear path for me to follow to know where I fit in this fight for addicts and against addiction
  • A new song of praise to our God that overflows from our hearts and mouths
  • Learning to be good stewards of our home by taking care of it all and good stewards of our money by spending it on God's priorities, not ours
  • Deepening current friendships and developing at least one more
Here's the study I got for us to do (though there are probably tons of other studies from other places you could figure out how to do as a family. Though admittedly, my plan for this study is that we will all sit down at the same time, in separate places, and work on our own studies. This is also something that we can be doing each day while I am in South Africa and they are still in the States so there's one thing each day that we are all doing the same.) She Reads Truth Romans Women's/Kids Study Bundle

Oh, how I am praying this keeps me moving, organized, motivated, and, most of all, in the Word and in prayer through this fun, crazy season called summer. Lord, move. Lord, work. Lord, make all three of us more like You this summer.

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