June 13, 2017

I Am Getting All Sentimental

So, just packing and reading and napping and preparing for a big trip for the kids and I, though we'll be apart. And now, I am all shades of sentimental. So, thought I would share our wedding vows with you. Kevin's are way better than mine. He always said he wasn't a writer, but that just wasn't true. I have wanted to post these before, but Kevin would never give me permission to post his. But, I don't have to ask him anymore, so here you go!  😁 We wrote our own vows and, now that Kevin isn't with us, I am so glad we did. I love that I have his words to me on that very special day!

Heather's Vows:

It was 28 months ago today that we went on our first date. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey that has brought us to this day. As I sat across from you that night, I could never have imagined I would come to love you as much as I do today...but I did have full confidence that we were starting a relationship that would never end. I am so excited to become your wife today! Just as our dating relationship was bathed in prayer, I promise to pray for you, our marriage, and the family we will one day have. I promise to daily spend time in the oird, to continue growing spiritually, and to encourage you to do the same. I promise to strive daily to be the wife the Bible instructs me to be, to love you unconditionally, and to support you in all you do. I have full confidence you will be a strong spiritual leader for our family and, knowing this, I will support your decisions. I will hold your hand and walk beside you into the unknown as God continues to guide our path. I will remain faithful to you and prefer you above all others for as long as I live. I love you so much and I am very blessed that God has placed you in my life. I know that He will continue to guide us as husband and wife for the rest of our lives. I give this ring to you as a symbol of my love for you. Just as the circular shape has no end, my love for you will have no end.

Kevin's Vows:

The first time we met, there was no bolt of lightning or voice from the sky telling me that you were the one. “Love at first sight” might have been easier, but I know for certain this was not the plan marked out for us. I believe with all my heart that God chose not to reveal all your beauties to me at once, but rather, through much prayer, patience, and obedience, He allowed me to discover them---one at a time. The first of these were the simple, physical things---your flare for drama; your beautiful voice in the melody of a song; and the way your hands move so precisely to form sign language that can only be described as a masterpiece of art. These are all wonderful gifts, but they can only scratch the surface of what God created when He formed you. It’s true, the physical beauties are among the least, but I can’t fail to share what may be one of you most remarkable. I truthfully can’t tell you the number of times I’ve found myself in awe simply by seeing you walk into the room. Your presence alone can fill my heart with happiness without ever saying a word, and that ability is one that belongs to only you. I could speak almost endlessly about your physical beauty alone, but I want to speak only of your eyes for the time. So dark and gentle, it is not possible to put to language the effect they create in me, except that with only one gaze, you can tame the beast and make the rest of the world seem far in the distance. I will never understand how this works; I can only be thankful that God gave this to you, and only you.

Even more, the non-physical beauty in you is more than I could ever ask for. Your Godly qualities have put me to shame on more than one occasion. One of the first things that ever drew me to you was your amazing selflessness. The way you always place the needs of others, including mine, above your own, has often been the best example to me of how Christ cares for His people. I promise to you today that for the rest of our lives, your needs will be above my own, and I will always strive to do this more and more. In the same breath, your compassion and willingness to make peace are the fruits of your life that God frequently uses to remind me further how my life can be more like Jesus. You have provided many Godly examples for my life over the past 2 ½ years, and today I am promising to do the same for you and our family for as long as the Lord gives us breath. I’ve told you now many of the physical and nonphysical beauties that are part of who you are, but the very greatest of them is this: in every part of your life, the presence of Jesus Christ is very real and evident. He has taken complete control. This is why we’re standing here today. I tell you this to reassure you of the most important promise I can make to you. I promise right now that our family will be one that knows, loves, and serves the Lord with every heartbeat. I will always do my very best to point our focus at Him, to listen to His guidance, and obey in His calling, wherever that may lead. I believe that any other promise I can make to you today--promises of faithfulness, trust, and endurance, are included in this, and they each belong to you now. I love you with all of my heart, and I am excited to discover all that God has in store for us. Please accept this ring as a symbol and a reminder of the promises I’ve made to you today.

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