May 02, 2017

I Think I'm Finally Out of Survival Mode

Just another little video diary. Really just rambling.

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  1. So I watched the whole thing and saw God using your words to reach others. Oh, sister how you ARE witnessing to us through this pain you are in. Knowing God is sovereign and how HE will bring good out of this even when we can't see. I have wept all morning and never knew Kevin. We are and will pray as you grieve. I love how transparent you are and real. When others see you and know you belong to HIM you glorify the Father. When you were talking about your son being saved I thought of Psalm 34:18

    The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
    and saves the crushed in spirit.

    Believing HE is mighty to save in HIS timing as you said. God Bless you on this new journey and it is a blessing to me to hear that your church is being HIS hands and HIS feet during this time. Praise God and rejoicing with the fact of the church being the church. In Christ, April