April 06, 2017

To My Gift Girl On Your 11th Birthday

You are the one we didn't plan on. You came two weeks early and were too small for all of the clothes we had. You came early, but you took all day to get here. You had no name when you were born because we didn't even know if we were having a boy or a girl. You had your daddy wrapped around your little finger from the moment he first laid eyes on you.

You are loving and generous. You are creative and funny. You are good at math but never want to admit it. You are a wonderful writer, but hate being told what to write about at any time. You can't help but dance. You could listen to music all day. You could try on clothes for hours and never find anything you like. You have a style all your own. You've grown more in the last year than I ever thought possible. You wear my clothes and my shoes (much sooner than I thought you would.)

You are so much like your Daddy. Your musical talent amazes me. Your quick grasp of anything new you try reminds me of him every time. You refuse to give up until you master (or at least learn well) something you might not be that good at the first time. You love ice cream. You tell the corniest jokes. You work hard. You are a problem solver. You know good music when you hear it. You love to keep stuff and you have a reason for every.little.thing. you keep. You hate being interrupted; it's the most offensive thing someone can do to you.

You are a bit like me, too. You are emotional. You are a bit of a people pleaser. You like to control things. You enjoy theatre, both watching it and being in it. You know what other movies actors and actresses have been in when you see someone familiar in a show. You make up and sing your own silly songs. You get an idea in your head and you just don't let it go. You have to speak every thought that enters your head. You are a planner.

Your name will always remind me of two things I need to always pray for (for me and you): wisdom and grace. Your face will always remind me that God's plans are better than mine, every time. Your voice reminds me that I must always speak truth so others will know that God loves and provides and speaks truth to us, even when life is hard. Your comforting arms will always remind me of the loving Father that God is, especially in our darkest moments when we think there's no way we can go on. Your beautiful music will always remind me that God is writing a beautiful symphony that declares His love for each of us and we all have a part to play for that symphony to be complete.

Oh, precious girl, how I pray the Lord makes you more like Him each day. I pray that He gives you a love for His word that will never go away. I pray that He uses your music and your voice to share His truth with many. I pray He teaches you how to love Him with all you have and to love others as He loves you.

Happy birthday, precious girl. This world is a better place with you in it.

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