April 05, 2017

To My Blessing Boy On Your 8th Birthday

You are the one who wouldn't wait. You came two weeks early. The day before your sister's birthday. Even though I did everything I could to make you wait at least until her party was over. You would have none of it. You couldn't wait. From the time we pulled into the hospital parking lot until you were put on the scale only an hour and twelve minutes had passed.

You are the one we planned, and yet you still surprised us. You are sweet and kind and loving. You laugh about the silliest things. You hate reading, but love when someone reads to you. You'd rather watch TV first thing in the morning than eat breakfast. You are a cuddler and a great hug giver. Your smile lights up a room. You are silly and witty and creative.  You run on your own time and your own schedule. Your shoes never stay tied. You always go to the wrong door to get into the van. You love the color red. You can make almost anything out of Legos. You are very focused, when you want to be.

You are so much like your father. You easily lose track of time when you are doing something you love. You enjoy reading the instructions. You are easily sidetracked by things that are more fun than the task you are working on at the moment. You have a sweet tooth. You have his smile. You have his creativity. You look so much like him. You are a gift giver. You love having your back scratched. You love having your head scratched. You love building and inventing things.

You are even a little like me. You have a sensitive heart (but don't quite know how to show it.) You love TV. You'd rather eat snacks throughout the day than sit down and eat an actual meal. You ask random questions about seemingly random things. You find a word you like and you use it in every sentence for weeks. You struggle to sit still.

Your name will always remind me that, no matter what the storm around me looks like, it is God who controls the winds and the waves. Your face coming close to mine reminds me that God is good and gives good gifts, even when we mistakenly think our plan is better. Your gentle heart reminds me that you are created in God's image, He loves you fiercely, and that His heart desires for you to accept His free gift of salvation so you can be in relationship with Him as we were all intended to be. Your laugh reminds me that there is always joy to be found. Your quiet thoughtfulness when you are sad or worried reminds me that sometimes, we don't have to share everything with those around us, but we can take everything to the One who created us.

Oh, sweet boy, how I pray that today is the day of salvation for you. I pray that this next year of your life outshines the last one. Not because there is no sadness or grief or hard times, but because it's lived completely in submission to your Heavenly Father, with a new heart and as a new creation. I pray He fills you with a love for His word and a passion for sharing Him with all you meet. I pray that He begins, even today, teaching you how to love Him and love others.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. My life is sweeter because you are in it.

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