March 19, 2017

In Case You Haven't Heard...

...I am going to South Africa this summer! I am very excited to travel with 8 others to serve alongside our good friends, Ben and Megan Craig, at Bethesda Outreach. (You can see Ben and Megan's time there by CLICKING HERE.

Our trip will be June 19-30 and I cannot wait! I've been looking forward to going there to serve since Ben and Megan first started sharing they would be moving there as missionaries. I hope one day all three of us will be able to go serve there together, as we love and support dear friends, and share the love of Christ with those precious children.

Can I be so bold to come to you and ask for your prayers over this trip? Here are some ways you can pray:

-Obviously, if I am going and my kids are not, then I am having to leave them behind. This will be the longest I've left them and the farthest I've been from them since Kevin died. It will also be the first time I've left them and not been able to contact them the majority of the time I am gone. My momma heart is a little nervous about this aspect of the trip. My sweet Sophie is also pretty nervous about this portion of the trip. E is mostly excited that he gets time with grandparents and cousins! I want to use this opportunity to teach my children (and myself) that obedience is bigger than fear; that we cannot allow our fears to keep us from choosing obedience to Christ's call on our lives. Please join me in praying for peace to settle over all of our hearts, God's hand to direct a hassle-free, tear-free, anxiety-free time for all three of us while we're apart.

-Going to South Africa for two weeks costs money. I was actually supposed to be on this trip last year and Kevin had worked some extra jobs and one larger job before he passed away last March in order to have the money I would need for the trip. He was able to save what I need for this year's trip, but, sadly, he never transferred that money from his business account to our personal account. Because his estate is still not settled, I have no access to that account or the money in it. I have no idea when all of that will be settled. Would you join me in asking God to move along paperwork and to stir the hearts of those in the court system who make decisions to get this finished up and released to me before the funds for the trip are due? We've also already had issues with the bank, so could you join me in praying that, once settled, the bank would not cause any more issues? Would you join me in praying that my trust in God will not waiver as I know that He alone is provider of all things, even finances for this trip? (Also, if you are friends with me on Facebook, you can check out my "Lent Sale for Missions" and all the money from that goes toward this South Africa trip.)

-Pray for our team as we prepare to go. We'll be leading some music, a time of VBS-style learning with some of the children, teaching Bible stories using drama, and doing a work project while we're there. We need to have the time needed to plan out lessons and crafts, as well as rehearse some music and drama. Anyone who has been on a mission trip knows there is a lot of spiritual warfare that happens in team member's lives as the trip approaches and we are praying against that as a team. Pray that busyness won't keep us from spending time in the Word, that all fears and worries we have will be eliminated as our minds are filled with God's promises, and that we will bond together as a team before we even go.

Thank you so much for your prayers, for me and the team. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does in us and through us while we're on our trip. Keep checking here for updates and pictures once the trip is over.

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