December 09, 2016

The Little Gift That Turned Out to be a Big Gift

About this time last year our little family took a trip to FL to visit Disney, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. It was, literally, a trip the Lord just dropped in our lap. At the time, Kevin and I were both amazed and mystified at the how and why, but we were very excited to go. I now know, without a doubt, this was a sweet gift straight from the Lord's hand for the kids and I because He knew how short our time with Kevin would be.

That week in FL was the most fun, most relaxed, most perfect week we ever had has a family. There was no stress. There was lots of sleeping in and hotel breakfasts. There were no schedules and tons of fun. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation or a better last trip with the man we all so dearly loved.

Father, thank You so much for the little gifts You give us. Especially those that don't seem like much at first, but turn out to be big later on. Thank You for seeing all and knowing all and seeing all of our days before one of them was ever lived. Thank You for knowing we would need this trip and that last Christmas just the three of us. It was the best Christmas our little family ever had. The best vacation our little family ever had.

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