September 08, 2016

Living Arrows Christian Academy

That's the name I chose for our homeschool a few years ago. I never intended to have a name, but my record keeping software asked for one, so I decided I needed one. This will probably surprise many of you, but when it comes to naming things or being clever with names, I have zero creativity. But, as I prayed and read scripture, this is the name that came to me. Because I want to raise my children to be living arrows, shot out into the broken world to wound the enemy and bring hope and life and joy through the Gospel to the world. Oh, how I pray each of us play some small role in drawing even one soul to Christ. May our lives declare His truth, even if we never speak a word. Father, let us see how every lesson, every hard school day, is worth it because it points us to You and gives us the skills and abilities to declare Your truth to others in any way You ask.

Thank you all for praying so diligently for our school room. The Lord is answering those prayers! God is truly redeeming this room. In the past, we've done school wherever we felt like for the day. For two months after Kevin's death school was on my bed. We've never really had a set place. Honestly, I wasn't really sure we'd be able to adjust to having a set place. I was afraid we'd have this beautiful new room and still end up on my bed or the couch or the dining room table for school. BUT GOD has done a marvelous thing; my kids can hardly do school anywhere other than our school room. I set them down somewhere else to work on school and they can't focus or remember anything. They walk into that room and head to their desk and it's almost magical the way they come alive and hit their books hard. I still pray every day for a passion for learning, reading, and sharing Christ through all they learn and each day I am seeing little glimpses of that. Which is so good and much needed because this grieving momma still has a bit of a foggy brain, very little energy, and has actually fallen asleep reading to them once or twice. I need every little bright spot I can get!

Just in case you haven't seen on Facebook, I wanted to be sure all you prayer warriors who have been lifting up our room:

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