August 10, 2016

You Have Written and Redeemed My Story

Five months ago today, around 4:30 a.m, I awoke and noticed Kevin wasn't laying beside me. I lazily walked downstairs see what he was up to, only to discover him in his office, slumped over his desk, completely unresponsive. About an hour later he was pronounced dead. And our world forever changed.

That office is now our school room. The walls have been painted, the desk redone, and soon new pictures and canvases will line the walls. What was once a room of sadness, pain, addiction, and death will be redeemed. Everything will be redeemed. Because we serve a God who specializes in redemption. In beauty from ashes. In there always being more than we can see. The ugly beautiful. Resurrection is what He's all about and He's doing that with this school room.

Would you join me in this prayer over our room for the next several weeks as we prepare to begin our sixth year of homeschooling and our first year of doing it without Kevin?

Father, thank You for redemption. Thank You for resurrection. Thank You for making all things new again. Only You can do that. Thank You for making this once painful, ugly room new again. Father, fill this room. Fill it with Your peace and joy and hope and love. Give all who enter a passion for learning; learning about You and the world and people You created. Use every subject to train all three of us to love You and serve You. Let every lesson (even math) prepare us for the calling You've placed on our lives: to know You and to declare Your glory. Let each lesson bring us one step closer to the specific path You have for each of us to live out that calling. Soften our hearts toward others. Lord, redeem our hearts as You redeem this room. Let every lesson draw Ethan to You and give him ears to hear and a heart to follow and say yes when you call His name. Let Sophie's heart be knit with Yours more and more with each lesson as she becomes enamored with the amazing God You will reveal Yourself to be with each lesson. Give me a sensitive spirit toward my children to know their needs, their aches, their pains, and to always have Your word on my tongue so I can point them to You. Bind Satan from getting any foothold of fear, depression, addiction, doubt, or confusion in this room ever again. Make this room Your room.  You are the ruler of our home and Satan has no authority in this room or any other. Father, give me courage and boldness to declare Your truth at all times and in every lesson. Bless this room and bless the learning that takes place in it.

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