May 30, 2016

It Is Well

Joy in pain. Laughter through tears. Trust learned through sorrow and grief. We're getting pretty good at this as a Calvary Baptist Church family. It's not something we really ever wanted to be good at, BUT GOD has a different story for us than we would have chosen for ourselves. I am so thankful that God has shown up in every tough moment, has held us through every wave of grief, and that His word holds fast in every storm.

I got to share a bit of my testimony with my church family today and I wanted to share it here so that all the friends and family who couldn't be there could hear what God has been doing in my life, at least in a small way, over the last 2 1/2 months:

I also had the privilege to share a song close to my heart with my church family after my testimony video. Before you listen to it, know that I am not a solo singer, I was extremely nervous, and you'll need to ignore all my flat notes (I guess I didn't raise my eyebrows enough, Tomi!) Try to ignore how bad it sounds and rest in the truth of the words! It is because the waves and wind still know His name that we can trust His plan, even in the ones we don't understand, and He makes it possible for us to say "It is well with my soul."
It Is Well

Father, use this pain and sorrow to draw me closer to You. Use this pain and sorrow to draw my children to You. Lord, give me the courage and bravery to live this life with authenticity, truth, and trust in You, regardless of the storm swirling about me. Lord, teach me how to be light in the darkness so that my children will see You in all I say and do. Use this pain to open the eyes and hearts of my children to their need for Your salvation. Oh, Father, let today be the day of salvation for Sophie and Ethan. Redeem this pain. Redeem this story.

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