November 17, 2014

What do I want 2015 to Look Like?

So, for the last few years I have prayed about a word that I wanted to live out in the upcoming year. Last year, it was two words, less and more. (You can read more about that HERE.) As I read through the list on that blog post I felt a little guilty and ashamed because I don't think I did very well on most of those. But, I also had to admit that I did work hard at some of them and did make at least a little progress in some areas.

This year, shortly after I asked God what it was I needed to focus on this year, it became very clear. The word for 2015 is: CONTENT. I want to be truly content in any and every circumstance. I want to cling to God, trust Him for all things and in all things, regardless of what is happening around me.

Oh, Lord, help me to stop comparing myself to other wives, moms, mothers, home school teachers, singers, actors, drivers, well, basically, any humans. Help me to learn what it means to truly be content in all things, in all circumstances, at all times. Lord, give me strength and wisdom as I lean on You for this upcoming year. Lord, help me to be content being Your hands and feet inside my home, every day, while we do school, eat breakfast, prepare for bedtime, and all the other seemingly small things that happen here. Help me to be content in a house that I've made feel to small by having too much stuff. Oh, Father, help me to be content, even if this year doesn't hold a trip around the world to hold the hand of the orphan or work alongside others doing Your work. Lord, show me how to be content with less stuff, less things on the calendar, less time in the spotlight, and less me, but more You. Lord, You know where I struggle. You know the areas where I've allowed discontentment to creep in and build a home. Father, tear down those homes. Lord, as You begin to tear these homes down, teach me lessons, and help me to grow as I learn to be content, give me Your peace when I fear creeps in. Give me Your love when impatience threatens to take over. Give me Your boldness and strength when I want to turn and run back to what is comfortable and feels better at the time. Lord, mold and make me into a person who wants You more than anything. Oh, Father, help me through this coming year, every moment, every day.

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