September 10, 2014

So, I'm Turning 36 This Year

And I couldn't be more excited to share with you how I am celebrating this year!

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to travel to Nashville and visit with several members of the B and H Kids team (a division of Lifeway) to talk about the possibility of some new things with Bibleman. Nothing is set in stone as far as that goes, but while I was there they showed me a new Bible they have called The Big Picture Interactive Bible. (My children both have one! In fact, I even use it during our worship service each week.) It has so many cool features. There's an app so you can scan pictures and learn more about the Bible and even some background information. Throughout the Bible, there are 100 scriptures highlighted to memorize, Big Questions are answered, Big Words are defined, and there are Christ Connections that show us how we see Christ in different books and passages of the Bible. It's great for kids and parents to use together, but also really great for kids to use on their own in their personal quiet time.

Then the Lord put something on my heart that just wouldn't go away. How amazing would it be to be able to put this Bible in the hands of children, right here in our own community, who most likely have no Bible of their own and no parent willing to read it to them? In fact, there may not even be a Bible in the home at all. Of course, if you know me, you know that I am thinking of our precious Afterschool Adventures kids. But, I knew that I couldn't afford to put this Bible in each of their hands myself, so I set the idea aside.

Then, I remembered my birthday. It was perfect! So, here's the plan:

I want to use my birthday to raise the funds to purchase these Bibles for each of our Afterschool Adventures kids. I am hoping that I can get 36 people to donate $36 each in order to purchase 36 Bibles. That is a few more than the number of students we currently have, but, that would allow us to have extra Bibles for any new students or any parents who may decide they want their own Bible, too. (And, it helps keep the "36" theme!) Even more exciting, I have a sweet friend who is going to donate 1 Bible for every 2 we raise funds for during this time. So, we really have the possibility of buying over 40 Bibles to be used right here in Hannibal! (The price of the Bibles may end up being a little less than $36 as I am working with the Lifeway store in Bridgeton, MO to purchase them there. So, I will purchase as many Bibles as the money we receive will purchase, even if it's more than 36, and any extra money once the Bibles are purchased will go into the Afterschool Adventures fund to help us purchase supplies needed to continue to minister to the students and their families.)

Through my time with Bibleman, and also many times since becoming a parent, the Lord has reminded me of His promise that His word will not return void. I know these kiddos may not understand every word they read, but I also know I serve a mighty God who has given us His Holy Spirit to instruct, guide, and convict, often times using His word. Just think what He could do with His word and these kiddos! I just. I can't even! I was really struck with the thought the other day that not only might this be the first Bible these kids own, it may be the only one they ever have. That made me even more anxious to get this fundraiser started.

So, from now until Oct. 20, I am hoping to raise enough money to buy at least 36 Bibles. Then, on my birthday, Oct. 29,  I'll be able to gather some friends and pray over these Bibles that will go to our sweet Afterschool kiddos. I know that's a lot of money and I know many people reading this probably don't know me or the kids who will get these Bibles, but I pray you will still be moved to help me reach the "least of these" here in my community with His word.

If you want to donate, but don't live in Hannibal, please contact me via Facebook for PayPal or mailing address information.

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