September 22, 2014

Choosing To Dance in the Chaos

This last week was..well..I'm just glad it's over. I was warned that 3rd grade would suddenly be harder, but, oh my. I was not prepared! We pretty much got nothing done but math last week as my sweet girl hit her first struggle in that subject. Two digit multiplication with regrouping. I thought it would be the death of us. Both of us. Possibly all four of us. Saying it was a long week was an understatement.

Plus, I was also teaching Ethan, trying (and failing) to keep the house clean, working on our homeschool group stuff, church stuff, and just not feeling well. Which all lead to the serious meltdown that hit me on Saturday. I just couldn't move or breathe or do anything but sit and cry. And I didn't really feel like I had a reason for it, I couldn't put it into words, it was just happening. My sweet husband talked me down from the ledge, sent me out for a walk, and he and the kids cleaned the house. I mean really cleaned the house. I was only gone for about an hour, but I can home and the house was spotless. I was torn between being grateful and feeling guilty that my husband was better at managing the house than I am (I chose to be grateful, by the way.) We spent the rest of the day doing nothing and letting my heart slow down. It was great!

I wasn't really sure I was ready to face this week. I was afraid it would be no different than last week. Seriously, I don't know that I can survive another week like that. Neither would my house. Or my family. I am so grateful the Lord gave me a slow, yet productive day. We got all of our school work done, He helped me to redefine my idea of what needed to be done in a day, and I just enjoyed my kids and school.

One of the best parts of the day was just listening to music and doing a little jig while I made dinner (we'll ignore the fact that it meant my kids spent an hour watching TV during that time...but part of it was Jelly Telly so that makes it OK, right?) I had such a great time just dancing and praising God for fun music. I think I need to incorporate this at the start of each day. I'm pretty sure that if every day started with prayer, Bible study, and dancing, each day would be brighter!

So, if you need to dance a little, crank up some of these songs (admittedly, I didn't choose these songs for deep lyrics or theology, but because the tempo and sound was upbeat, but the lyrics were also at least intended to bring glory to God):
Greater by Mercy Me
My Lighthouse by The Rend Collective Experiment
In the End by Natalie Grant
Live Out Loud Steven Curtis Chapman
See the Glory by Steven Curtis Chapman
Shake by Mercy Me

So, if you're in a funk, click a song title above, crank up the speakers, and dance. Praise God for the joy and power of music to change your mood and turn you to Him at the same time!

Lord, help me to always find You, despite the circumstance. And Lord, because I want to see Your hand in last week's struggle, I praise You for the following that I saw in the midst of the crazy: my son asked to read to me for the first time ever, Sophie and I got to sit and read a book just the two of us, we got to watch our Afterschool kids enjoy themselves at the park, I enjoyed an hour long walk ALL BY MYSELF, the house is clean and I didn't have to do it, there was a sink full of dirty dishes used to feed my healthy family, my husband is still here after the crazy he witnessed this weekend, I was able to worship my almighty God with no threat to me or my family.

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