August 07, 2014

Year Number 4, Here We Come!

I can hardly believe it, but this will be our 4th year of homeschooling this year!  Sophie will be in 3rd grade and Ethan in kindergarten, so it's the first year of full-on, full-time school for both.  Yikes!  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little nervous!  But, I am so thankful that God has given me some amazing friends, both other homeschoolers and seasoned teachers with great ideas, to keep me going and help me be creative. My two kiddos are so different when it comes to how they learn and what they enjoy. I am praying I can keep up with both of them and keep it fun so they continue to enjoy learning.

A few things that have been going through my head:
-I think I am almost as nervous in year number 4 as I was in year number 1. If things don't go well there's nowhere else to place blame. The buck stops here!
-I have become a curriculum/book junkie. It is not good for the budget, which makes me thankful for yard sales and second hand stores so I can find some fun reading books. I am also thankful for the library!
-Homeschooling has tested and grown me in ways I never imagined. I feel so inept for this task and can only do it with God's strength and guidance. Prayer is so essential!
-Thankful for our home school group, HAHE. We have some great ladies willing to share advice and the kids really love the classes. Looking forward to some new adventures with that group this year.
-I think I have learned more in the four years we've been on this journey than I learned in all my years of school. I love learning alongside my kids each day.  It's so fun! It has also created a love of learning in me that wasn't really there before we started this journey.
-There's nothing quite like that moment things click and your child starts reading. I am a little jealous of those kindergarten teachers that get to experience this on a large scale each year. Reading is essential for everything else, so what a moment when they finally get it.
-I do, however, have a lot to work on as a teacher. Our virtually non-existent schedule needs some tweaking, I need to be better at preparing in advance, and I need to be willing to do more of the complicated experiments and projects. I need to be more consistent with waking and getting exercise done in the mornings so I can have more energy to start my day.

Lord, thank You for this calling on our family. It's not easy and it's not cheap, but it is what is best, at least for now, for our family. Help me to see it as a blessing each day. Help me to be prepared and eager to start each day. Lord, move in me and my children during this school year that we may see You in all we do an study.

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