August 17, 2014

A Prayer for Our School Year

Oh, Lord, as we begin another year in this homeschooling journey, please lead and guide. Give me wisdom to know what to say and when. Help me to know when to move on and when to work harder. Give me a thirst for knowledge and for sharing knowledge. Lord, help me to make everything we learn and study point to You. Bless this time with my children and use it to draw us closer to each other and closer to You. Help me to be organized and flexible, ready to teach and ready to slow down and enjoy each moment. Give me creativity and energy for each new day. Help me to be consistent with time on my own in the word and exercise, as both will help me to be more focused and be a better servant to my children and family. Lord, let them see You in all I say and do. Give me wisdom to answer their questions and help me to always point them to You.

Give my kiddos a thirst for knowledge. Let everything we study draw them closer and closer to You each day. Soften their hearts to Your word and Your ways. Give them an excitement for each new school day. Use our obedience to Your call to homeschool to see their need for You in their lives. Grab their hearts. Change their lives. Help them to see their need for You alone as Lord and Master in their lives.

Lord, grant us laughter, even in the midst of tears over math or language arts. Let me see the gift they are even on days when they struggle and argue. Help us to see every teaching moment and to make the most of it that they may see You in us and in the world around them. Help all four of us to love each other and others well. Show us how we can pour ourselves out for those around us. Help me to follow my children's example to reach those outside of our house walls. Don't let me squash those impulses when they rise in my children.

Draw Sophie to You! Draw Ethan to You! Change their hearts and lives for eternity and equip them to serve You, even from such a young age. Help Kevin and I to be sensitive to Your leading and to the things You are doing in their hearts. Help us to not dwell on the negative, but to look for the small ways they bear Your image and that You are speaking to their hearts. Help us to encourage them and train them in the way they should go. Guide us as we teach them Your word and help them to hide it in their hearts. Bring back to their minds scriptures they have learned in the past that they may draw closer to You and understand more about You through Your word.

Lord, move, lead, and guide us through this school year. Bring laughter and joy to our hearts as we draw closer to You and closer to each other. May all we do honor and glorify You alone!

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