May 27, 2014

I Need A Little Help From My Friends

So, this summer is going to be the summer we try some new things, try and figure new ways to do some things that aren't working right now, and having as much fun as possible.

First up, Ethan has suddenly lost all ability to remember anything and complete any task.  It is seriously driving me crazy!  I can send him to go get his shoes on and half an hour later he is still not wearing any shoes and has completely forgotten I ever asked him to do anything.  I don't think he's being ornery or trying to be disobedient, I think he genuinely get distracted and forgets things.  However, this just cannot continue.  I seriously feel my blood pressure rise!  So, I've decided to try a few things this summer and see how it goes. First, I am going to (or at least attempt to) give him only on task at a time to complete.  Then, I'll have him repeat back to me the task he needs to complete.  Lastly, I will stay with him as he completes the task to make sure he gets it done and does it correctly.  I have to admit, I am not looking forward to this because I know it will be time consuming and difficult to do.  But, I am reminding myself this is just for a season.  It won't last forever.  However, if any of you have any other ideas that I can use, please, let me know!  I am willing to try pretty much anything.

Next on the list, the kids' constant nagging and arguing with each other.  Most of them started after we finished with regular school hours, so it may just be that they have too much free time on their hands.  I am not sure.  But, I think I've decided that this summer is the time to go ahead and take them through The Young Peacemaker. I know that Ethan may be a bit young for it, but I think that I can adapt it for him.  I am praying that going through these lessons will help them to think through things and think of others before responding to things.  Again, any other thoughts would be more than welcome!!!

I am also hoping to do the final chapter of The Care and Keeping of You for Younger Girls. OK, it's actually chapters in the middle of the book, but it's the ones on the period and body changes, so I decided to save it for last.  She was ready for the other things in the book, but I didn't think she was quite ready for it at the time.  I still feel like we have a while before she actually hits puberty and gets her period, but I am seeing that the drama is slowly increasing as the hormones are slowly increasing and I want to be sure to cover all this before it hits so she isn't freaked out.  Prayers appreciated.  I am also hoping to finish up our 8 Great Dates in the next month or so, as well.

I hope to be able to spend the summer mornings doing some review school work with each of the kids.  For Ethan, I want to continue doing math and reading.  He has come a long way with both and I really don't want him to lose that.  With Sophie, I would like to continue doing grammar, math, and writing.  Do any of you out there do this?  If so, what kind of schedule do you use?  A little from each subject each day?  One subject a day?  Just a little here and there with no real schedule?  Haven't quite figured out how I want to do it and would love suggestions.

I am also looking forward to LOTS of afternoons spent at the pool.  It's our favorite place in Hannibal in the summer.  It's like our little reward for surviving another school year!  It's the one thing we look forward to every year.  And this year I am totally excited because both kids can really play without me having to follow them around!  Hello reading!!!!  Fiction, non-fiction, lesson planning!  I can't wait!  Who wants to join me?  As long as we're in town and it's not raining, we'll most likely be there!!!!!!!

Sorry for so much rambling, but I look forward to hearing some other suggestions from you so I have some things ready to try!

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