April 02, 2014

Celebrating Christ This Easter

I am so excited about what we'll be doing during Easter week to celebrate this year.  We'll be gathering with two other families to have a progressive meal that will remind us of what Christ did while on earth, what He is doing in our lives now, and showing our children how we can be His hands and feet in our world today.  It's sort of our version of a Passover Meal, sort of Family Quest style!  Not sure if that's a great description or not, but either way, I am super excited to do this.  I thought this might be something others would be interested in doing, so I'm posting here what we are planning to do so you can possibly tweak it to make it work for your family.  I'll do my best to try and remember to post about it once we've done it so you know how it went!  Here's our plan (those things written in RED are links to craft ideas):

At each house, before we eat, we will look at something that Christ did in the Bible, how He does something similar for us today, and something we can do to help us remember/help others.

House 1: Bread/Salad
We will look at one of Jesus' miracles, the feeding of the 5,000.  We'll talk about what he did that day (we've studied that several times just in Family Quest, so the kids should almost be able to tell the entire story for us!) Then we'll see if they can come up with ways that Christ still takes care of us today. One big way is that he still provides food for us everyday.  We will give each family (it will be faster than each child doing their own) a paper plate and some magazines (hopefully we can find lots with food in them) and have the kids look for foods that God gives us to eat.  They will cut out those pictures and glue them to their plate.  Then we will talk about how God can also use us to help provide food for others. One way we can do that is through the food pantry. Everyone will need to bring some items with them that can be donated to the food pantry. Then we can eat our bread and salad.

House 2: The Main Meal
Here we will be talking about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  We can read the story of Jesus washing his disciples feet.  We will talk about how Jesus tells us he was being an example of what he wanted us to do, serve others.  Then we will do this THIS CRAFT (we can do one per family again, or one per child.  This won't take as long, I don't think.)  Then we will talk about ways that we can follow Christ's example of serving others.  Tonight, we will do this by gathering supplies to send to Sole Hope, who helps to take care of the feet of those who have no shoes in Uganda, Africa. Here is their list of needed supplies (each family will need to bring a few of these items with them) for Sole Hope  We will then eat the meal.

House 3: Dessert
It will be at this house that we will talk about the crucifixion and resurrection.  We can use THIS to tell them about the cross. We are thankful that He went to the cross for our sins and even more thankful that He rose from the dead.  This is important for us today because, without the cross, we can't have a relationship with Christ. Then we'll do a painting on canvas similar to THIS , but we're going to try and put an empty tomb on there, too. One per family should be good. They can pretty much paint it anyway they want...when you peel off the tape the design will be there regardless of the other painting.  Then we'll have dessert (whoever does dessert can make THESE ahead of time).

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