March 03, 2014


As I mentioned in an earlier post, during Lent I will be drinking only water.  Clean water is something I take for granted  There are so many in the world who do not have this precious gift.  So, I will be keeping a tally of each glass of water I drink (I will do my best...and yes, this will also be a math project for the kids.  I thought that was a great way to involve them and be able keep them mindful of the gifts that we have been given, Who has given them, and what we can be doing for others with what God has given us.  And getting some school credit for it is just a bonus.)  For each glass of water we'll donate $.05 to the World Vision Clean Water campaign.  (You can find information about that HERE.)

I would love to be able to join with any others who would also like to donate to this fund at the end of Lent. If you want to drink only water along with me, that would be great, but you could also just make a flat donation or a matching donation.  I know this isn't for everyone, but I wanted to put it out there and give others the chance to donate.  It's pretty easy to give online, so you wouldn't even have to go through me to give your donation.

Pray about it and let me know if God lays it on your heart to join me in this effort!

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