February 28, 2014


I'll be helping a friend host a yard sale for two sets of missionary families in our church later this spring.  Of course, that means that I now have a reason to clean up around the house and I have a place to send all the stuff we don't need or use.  Pretty much the whole morning was spent cleaning out closets and dressers.  I was almost sickened at  the massive amount of "stuff" we have that just sits around, unused and not needed, yet we hold onto it anyway.  Why?  Why do we even have all this stuff?  Most of it is pointless and was hardly ever, if ever, used.  And sadly, I was the one that bought most of the stuff.  I must stop buying so many "things" that are of no use.  I could do so many other things with the money wasted on that junk. When I got done bagging everything up I felt like I needed to sit down and read 7 again and remind myself that there are far more important things in this life than my comfort or just having more stuff.

Lent.  Been thinking about this off and on for the last week.  I can't believe it's already almost here.  I did not grow up celebrating Lent (and I am not sure you can call what I do now celebrating), but rather, just thinking it was some crazy thing the Catholics did to make their lives a little harder for a few weeks around Easter time.  I am looking at Lent kind of like I look at Advent.  It's a time to put myself aside and intentionally focus more on Christ and what He has done for us.  It's also a time to practice living out Is. 58; a time of fasting that allows me to focus on Christ and drawing near to Him, while also allowing me to give of what He has given me.  Living simply so others can simply live.  This year, for the 40 days of Lent, I will be drinking only water. The kids will help me to keep track of every glass of water I drink (which will not only help them out with their math skills, but will also serve to keep me and the kids accountable to praying for all those in the world with little to no clean drinking water.)  At the end of the 40 days I will make a donation of $.01 for every glass of water I drank during those 40 days to the World Vision Clean Water Fund.  I am praying that God will use those 40 days in a mighty way in my life, the life of my family, and in the lives of those who will be receiving the clean water.

Can I confess something to you?  I feel torn about the snow coming our way this weekend.  I am tired of the cold, but snow is so beautiful.  There's just something almost exciting about a snow storm coming our way...the beautiful snow, the not being able to leave the house, the bundling up and watching movies, reading books, and drinking hot chocolate.  Deep down I love it, I just wish it could happen when it was about 80 degrees instead of below zero!

Lord, thank You for this week, even though it has, at times, felt unbearably long.  Continue to mold and shape me into Your image.  Show me how to love others in Your name at all times.  Show me how to look past my circumstance to see Your faithful hand.

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