October 24, 2013

Pure Randomness!

Just some randomness swimming in my head:

-Duck Dynasty is really funny!
-We started learning about the Middle Ages this week.  We are going to LOVE this!  So far we're still in the Dark Ages, but it's been really fun.  We've learned about life for the poor and wealthy at the time and about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  We've read lots of fun books and even watched a few fun movies/documentaries.  Looking forward to the rest of the year as we look at this time in history.
-I've switched things up a bit with the fast.  I am still doing my best to avoid snacking (and I must say, until now I had no idea how much snacking I do in a day!!!), but I am back to eating lunch.  I feel a bit guilty about it, but not eating lunch, combined with not snacking, was giving me headaches.  So, I decided it was probably best for everyone for me to eat at least a little for lunch. I have been feeling much better, but I feel a bit guilty that I couldn't handle an afternoon of not feeling well because of a lack of food when there are so many out there that live with that day in and day out, without a choice.  When the headache comes, they can't run to the fridge or the pantry.  As hungry as I think I am, it's nothing compared to what many children feel constantly.  I can't even last one day!  Of course, this just also points me to God's sovereignty, yet again, that He put me in a time and place where I am not living that way.  Lord, help me to find the balance of giving to others what they need, yet living the life You have called me to here.
-I love Christmas music!  Seriously, it is some of the best, most well-written music and should be listened to and sung all year long!  (OK, not like Jingle Bells, but those good, Scripturally-based songs.)  Our Name That Tune game with Christmas music in Family Quest tonight was so fun.  I think we'll be making the switch to Christmas music now!
-I am so thankful that I have a husband who loves me so much and knows me so well! What a blessing that is to me.  And he's such a great daddy to our children, too.  So blessed!
-When you return to kettlebell class for the first time in 2 weeks, you'll be really sore the next day.  Even when it was "just" a core workout.  The backs. The legs. The abs. All sore! But I am telling myself it's worth it!
-If you have a daughter, you should read Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl by Dannah Gresh.  So good!
-Sophie has really been enjoying painting and drawing pictures lately.  I love to see what she comes up with each time.  She's so creative!  She's now writing a fairy tale and I love how into it and detailed she is being with it.  It's fun to watch her creativity at work!
-Ethan is becoming more and more boy each day.  Some days I love that, but some days I just think it's too much!  But, he's always a blessing and I am loving that he now just comes up at random times during the day just give me a hug and a kiss.  I know those days won't last forever, so I am trying to cherish them now.
-Hoping to get out and buy the things for our shoeboxes this weekend.  This is the one thing all 4 of us look forward to every year.  The kids really have fun choosing items for their box (though they always pick more than will fit) and they even enjoy paying for some of the items with their own money.
-I am so proud of all the things Sophie is remembering with school this year.  Most of the time she can answer the questions faster than I can...and many times I have to check the answer keys (especially history) because I am not sure what the answer is!  I am loving this time we have doing school together.  It is so fun watching E learn to read and S learn multiplication and doing it all together.  I have no idea if this will be a permanent thing for us or not, but I am enjoying it while it lasts!
-I have to admit that I really struggle with having a consistent time in the word on my own.  I just haven't been able to get that "perfect" time just all figured out.  Once the kids are up, I feel like my duty lies with them, so if I haven't gotten it done before then, it probably won't happen.  I am thankful for fall because they always seem to sleep later in the fall and most of the time our schedule allows us to be flexible and I can let them sleep.  I appreciate the prayers as I struggle with this and strive to make this a priority because I need it to be and the kids need to see that it is!
-I have really enjoyed children's choir this year.  I hope it's been as fun and meaningful to the students as it has been for me!
-I have also really enjoyed Family Quest this year.  I think it's really been kicked up a notch and we are learning some really fun things! I am constantly amazed by the things our kids can do if we just get over the whole "they're too young" mentality and give them the Word.  They may not "get" it all now, and they don't have to, but the number of times E or S have brought something back up weeks or months after we talked about it is astounding.  It is even happening now with the sermons, since they are staying in the service with us.  God is so good and faithful!
-I love having my kids with me in the worship service, both for the songs and the speaking.  During the first night of our missions conference my kids weren't with me during worship and it honestly felt weird not to have them by my side.  E doesn't ever really sing, but there's always a word in each song that he will lean over and ask what it means and we get to have a great conversation right there in the pew.  Same thing with the sermon.  I love seeing how Sophie's mind works as she draws pictures and takes her version of notes while Bro. Jeff talks.  I just love it!  I honestly think everyone needs to give it a try, at least once a month.  Each week I've been asking the children's choir kids to tell me something from the service, a song or something from the sermon, (and yes, I do give them candy if they can tell me something), and every week all but one or two of them can do it.  Some weeks even kids from the pre-K choir can tell me something.  I love it!  Lord, thank You for these blessings You've given me in my children.  Help me to be a better example of true, heart-felt, Spirit-guided worship all week long. Not just on Sunday mornings.  Help me to live a life of obedience and love to You!

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