September 04, 2013

....And the Mother of the Year Award Goes to....


Yeah, so in case you thought our house was nothing but roses and sunshine, let me assure, friend, it is not!  Today was just one of those days!!!!  E, who was sick the first part of the week, was just so whiny and fussy about e-ver-y-thing today.  Seriously.  If something was said or done that wasn't exactly the way he wanted it, out came the tears and whining.  I think he got more spankings today than he's ever had in one day in his whole life.  I just couldn't deal with it. 

On Wednesdays I help out (and I use that term loosely) with a new ministry our church has started at an apartment complex across the street.  The kids go with me and get to enjoy some time with friends, make new friends, and play fun games.  Today, however, E's whininess (is that even a word?) was at a whole new level!  I had to spank him there twice and set him apart from the rest of the group...then a spider (daddy long legs) came within a 100 feet of him and he wouldn't stop screaming...I was prepared to just let him stay there and let the spider have him, but Mr. Jeremy was nice enough to move the spider. 

Church tonight was no different.  We've been working on his Family Quest memory verse all week.  He said it to me perfectly more than once today.  We get to church and...nothing.  He just doesn't want to say it...but he wants the candy...which he can't have without saying the verse.  Thaaaaat's right, another meltdown.  When Kevin walked in I am pretty sure my words to him were, "I am done with him today.  He's yours now."  Yeah, I was that mom.

Sophie had a pretty good day....until after church.  Mind you, it was after 9 p.m. (we have choir/orchestra and band practice on Wednesday nights, so it's a pretty late night for us), so I know she was tired.  And she is growing, so I know the pain she is having is totally real.  But, seriously people, I wish I had video of the drama queen crying going on.  Only Justin, Jill, and Mikayla were able to witness it in it's full glory.  Y'all, she came over to me JUST tears, no sad face, JUST FINE.  Then her she screwed up her face and the loudest, most dramatic, ugly cry I have ever heard or seen came out of my sweet little girl, "MY LEGS!!!!!"  I couldn't do anything but stand there and laugh...and laugh...and laugh.  Seriously, I just couldn't stop.  And the more I laughed, the louder and uglier she cried.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to compose myself to even speak to her.  Those three non-child having adults in the room must have thought I was horrible.  But, after a day of whining and it was so late, that's all I could do. I really did feel bad for her, but, I just couldn't help it.

So, if you see my FB posts and blogs and think that all is well and great and peachy keen because I keep listing thanks or whatever, just know, life in my house gets crazy and frustrating and loud and messy and much like life in your house (I obviously paid no attention to the comma lesson Sophie had yesterday).  It's days like these I praise the Lord that I have children with the ability to whine.  I praise Him that my children are healthy enough to have growing pains.  I praise Him that I have the ability to have the hubby take the kids for awhile so I can just breathe and be away from the noise.  I must force myself to see the blessings in all these frustrations.  Or, as Ann Voskamp says, I must see these moments as the ugly beautiful.  Lord, thank You for the ugly beautiful!

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