August 13, 2013

Random Thoughts (again)

I can't tell you how many blog posts have come to mind in the two weeks we've been away from home...yet, as you can see, none of them has actually happened!  Some were fun and silly, some were gut-wrenching and heart felt.  All remained in my head...and will probably never see the light of day because they are now lost in the abyss there in my head!  Oh, well!  I suppose that's probably for the best. Anyway, here are some random thoughts from the last two or so weeks:

--I have been so amazed and in awe of the Creator.  I have seen some of His most incredible handiwork since leave Hannibal at the end of July.  We've been in MO, KS, CO, NM, and TX.  Just when I think I've seen the most amazing sight, He gives me one even more amazing.  The skies, mountains, lakes, rivers, and people have been more spectacular than I could have ever imagined.  The pictures I took don't even do it justice.  Lord, thank You for showing Yourself in everything-the sunrise, sunset, majestic mountains, raging rivers, slow streams, servant-hearted people.  I am in awe! 

--I need alone time.  Seriously.  Like, 95% of the time I need to be completely alone and 5% of the time I need people with me.  Which is ironic, because the moment you get married, the option for that gets cut in half.  Then add in a job, and it's even less.  Then add kids and it's virtually non-existent.  When I don't get time to myself, I am an ugly, rude, selfish beast. I think this is why I love social media so much...I can maintain a connection and still not have to be around anyone!  Anyone else out there with me?  And it's been on overdrive since we left...there just hasn't even been a moment to myself.  And it's really starting to show!  The grumpiness has taken over.  I am so thankful to have a husband who understands this and works hard to give me time whenever possible.  Bedtime is a little dose of this each night.  Kevin handles the entire bedtime routine, which takes about 30-45 minutes, and I get that glorious time to myself (sometimes I blog or check facebook or read or clean, whatever I want to do.)  Lord, help me to be able to mold and change and be what my family needs me to be.  Help me to make the most of whatever time you give me, both by myself and with my family.

--I am so ready to start school.  I am really excited about this year.  Our history and science kind of go together and we'll be looking at the Early Church through the end of the Middle Ages, so it's gonna be fun!  I am thinking we'll even tie our Halloween costumes into the theme, too.  E already has a knight costume and I am hoping to get one made for Sophie that would fit that time period, too. We're looking at Earth science and astronomy this year.  Excited to use Apologia science and Mystery of History for the first time this year.  Sophie will also be using Wordly Wise for the first time this year.  I am really hoping she likes it.  Another new one this year will be Writing With Ease.  She is such a great storyteller, but hates writing it out.  I am praying that God changes that in her.  I think she could be a great writer if I could find a way to help her enjoy it more!  I did find a free typing program designed for younger kids online that we will use here and there.  Maybe that will help her enjoy writing, when she can type some.

--Cannot wait for children's choir to start!  Our musical will be in Dec. this year (a change from the usual Mother's Day) and has a service project that goes with it.  I can't wait!!!!!

--I am excited, nervous, conflicted, and many other emotions about having our children with us during the entire worship service each week.  I love having them there with me, even though no week has gone as well as I have hoped.  I pay much more attention when they are with me because I am trying to explain words or think of ways to help apply what we are learning later in the week.  At times they are restless, but I do think they enjoy being there with us.  It really is a blessing to have the whole family together for worship in song and scriptural teaching.  Lord, continue to mold and shape each of us each week as we learn about You with our church family.  Help us to model worship to them everyday so that on Sunday it's not something new, just doing what we always do, now with others instead of on our own.  Lead and guide, Lord!

I have enjoyed our time away, but I am ready to be in my own home, on my own schedule, with my friends and church family.

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