August 27, 2013

A Big, Crazy, Wild Idea

Ok, so that's pretty much what all my ideas are (so sorry for all of you that get drug along with me!)  Anyway, as most of you probably know (or maybe not), I turn 35 this year (shocking, I know!  My amazingly young looks probably had you fooled!)  Anywho, I've really been thinking and praying about how I can start off this new year of life in a way that means more, that gives more, and looks more to others than myself.  How can I use this "momentous" occasion to model God's love, grace, and servanthood to my children and others around me.

Then I had a crazy idea: what if I "celebrate" for the entire month?  But, instead of celebrating me, I want to make it a month of sacrifice for me that results in gifts for others.  But, how to do this?  I have thought of two ways that I am praying about how to put into effect for my birthday.

The first is to host a shoe cutting party for Sole Hope (check them out here: and here: and here:  Not quite sure just how to organize this, yet, but I can't wait to do it!  Should it be just a few friends and their hubbies?  Just a few close ladies?  Should I invite lots of ladies and make it a girl's night out so we can make more shoes?  I just don't know.  My heart wants to think BIG and make it a church-wide ladies event, but my brain knows that sometimes my heart gets ahead of me and I need to slow down and take baby steps first!  So, I am praying about the best way to do this. 
I also want to take the month of October (though I know it will take about a week longer than the month) to do the 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor (  We would take the month of October and eat like the poorest people in the world, do a devotion each day that will draw us closer to God and share the story of someone from one of those places, and at the end of the month we donate the money that we didn't spend on groceries to a group that feeds the poor.  Now, don't worry, while I will most likely be going as far as possibly only eating one meal a day (dinner), the children will not be doing that.  Our dinner each night will be something from one of the poorest countries, but they will still get a normal breakfast and lunch.  The point isn't to make ourselves ill, but to try and truly understand how people around the world live, to see the blessings we have lavished on us each day, and seek how we can use what God has given us to love others. 

I would also like to take each day, using two "extra", intentional prayer times each day to pray for the people in the countries we will be eating like on that particular day.

This all seems so overwhelming, yet so exciting for me.  Kevin was supportive, which is such a blessing!  He knows just what I need from him in terms of support and reigning in.  Thank You Lord, for a husband who balances me so well!  We'll be doing lots of talking, praying, and planning between now and October and I can't wait to update you throughout October with how things are going!  Thank You in advance for prayers  about this crazy idea and how God will use it in our family to draw our children to Him and change all of our hearts to be more like His!

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