June 10, 2013

Wnihjignmireogehj---Yeah, That's Sort of How I Feel!

Well, there's a lot going on in my head and not sure if any of it will make it out onto the page.  Yep, it's another post full of nothing but randomness!!!

--Kevin's not here.  I don't sleep well when that's the case.  Add in VBS last week and swim lessons this week.  I am fried!  My brain is toast.  Then add to that all the things I am trying to study and get ready for....ahhhhhh! 

--No TV June has gone really well.  Honestly, most of the time I don't even miss it (Bethany Woods, those were true words when you said that to me before we even started this journey.)  I miss it the most when I sit down to work on the computer or fold laundry.  I like the background noise.  I am rarely even paying attention to it in those times, but it's nice to have the noise in the room with me.  But, without the TV, the kids and I have had much more time for reading books, playing games, playing outside, and even doing some fun earth science lessons.  One thing that I am honestly surprised I haven't really had time for is cleaning the house.  It's a mess.  Seriously, a mess.  I think it's just because I am spending way more time with the kids.  That's a blessing!  But really, there must be some house cleaning tomorrow!  The hubs does not want to return to a pigsty (yes, Lauren, Sara, and Q, feeling some conviction from Titus 2 on that one!)

-God has such a sense of humor.  Or perhaps irony.  Or perhaps I am just loopy and don't know what I am talking about.  Either way, this girl who does not enjoy doing any kind of research or digging into things (there's a reason I love Beth Moore Bible studies--she does all the hard work for me!  Ok, and they are amazing!) is currently digging into scripture for three different things...at.the.same.time!  I am still working on my James devotional (7 of 52 weeks done!!!!), searching through Titus 2 for Veritas Women's Ministry (formerly Ladies in Purple) so we can create our newest conference, and digging through the covenant and it's many aspects, etc. to be able to write some lessons for Family Quest for the 2013-2014 year.  Say what?!?!?!  How did this happen?!?!?!  And that's not the scariest part...I am actually enjoying it (though the pace at which I am doing it would seem to say otherwise).  Who knew?!?!  Could it be that this little girl is actually growing up and growing in the Word?!?  It seems that might actually be possible!

-God totally hit me in the face this week with the realization that I just rush into things without thinking or planning.  That was one thing when it was just me, but I know pull a lot of other people in with me when I do this.  This really hit me this week when I was reading our book for small group about humility.  The author was talking about the prophet Habakuk and his humility (eventually) in his response to wait on the Lord.  And wasn't waiting for good things to happen, he was waiting for destruction to come.  It would be very hard to wait patiently for that!  Anyway, I have been so anxious to get out and do some mission work outside of my comfort zone that I have just jumped in, with no thought or plan.  In one instance, it cost an entire church an amazing opportunity to serve not just those in our neighborhood, but this entire area of MO.  There was a great plan that would have worked almost flawlessly if I had been patient and mature and waited on the Lord.  I feel I have done the same with my desire to get out of the states and get my hands dirty doing His work with those in this world who need this physical help the most.  I just want to go.  I want to pack up my family and hop on a plane and not come back for like a year.  I just want to spend time pouring all I have into the least of these in the least of places.  And I want my husband and children with me each step of the way, to watch them serve and watch them grow and watch the amazing things the Lord does with those who are willing.  But many times I allow this "itch" to take over and stop using logic (I know, hard to believe that I would ever do that!)  Lord, lead and guide.  Give wisdom and patience.  Open the doors, in Your timing, to send us out into Judea, and Samaria, and the ends of the earth as a family to proclaim Your truth.  Lord, move my heart to be OK with Your timing, not mine!  Lord, fill me with Your passion, a passion for the things of You and contentment in You alone!

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  1. I am so glad your no tv month is going well! You are one busy lady, Heather. you are both a joy and in inspiration to those who know you best. You church and your family are blessed to have you.
    Bethany Woods