May 03, 2013

It's May Already?!?!?!?!?

Well, somehow May snuck up on us!  How did that happen?  Our house survived birthday month (everyone but me has a birthday in April) and we're moving along toward summer.  Of course, with this crazy weather, it doesn't really feel like it!

As we head into May, we begin the next phase of our "7 Experiment".  This month we are focusing on having Sabbath.  Now, I will admit, we are three days into the month and I still don't feel settled on just how we should make this happen.  I did a study and read some about it and still couldn't come up with an exact "how to" (which if you know me, I LOVE HOW TO LISTS!)  One phrase in my reading really caught me, though, and that is "living Sabbathly."  It's basically the thought that anywhere, anytime you can stop what you are doing and focus on God rather than on the circumstances around you.  You can see and worship God in all that He has placed around you.  Of course, there's also the idea of trying to go a little more schedule free, too.  Living apart from the hassles and busyness this world so craves.  So, unless God directs otherwise, we will be doing our best to take one day a week just to enjoy time as a family, with little to no schedule, and see God in the things around us.  These times might involve family worship through music, studying scripture together, taking a walk at the park, making meals together, not really sure.  But, we will try, for one day a week, to slow down and remove stresses from our lives so that we can see the joy and gift in the family God has given us and in the many other people and things He has placed around us.

I am also planning to continue my 2 "sacred pauses" that I have added to my day.  I so enjoy those, sometimes very short, times of prayer.  God has always given me something specific to thank Him for or pray for in those times.  They are truly a blessing.  I would encourage everyone to try at adding at least one set time of prayer to one of the busiest parts of your day and just see how God uses that in your life!

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