April 08, 2013

A New Habit?

So, as April started, I started something new.  I have chosen two times during the day, other than my usual time in the morning, to stop whatever I am doing and pray.  This has been somewhat challenging, but I am really enjoying it.  God has brought something different to my mind each time I have prayed and those times have been so sweet.  Much of the time it is just pouring out praise for the amazing things He has done.  Now, I'll admit, I am not spending an hour in prayer, most of the time it's less than 30 minutes, but it means so much to actually have to pause in the midst of my day and be intentional about the prayer time. (And I'll be honest, two of those prayer times happened in the bathroom because it was the quietest room in the house at the time!)  I think this is a habit I definitely want to keep!

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