March 12, 2013

Lent Week 4

Has it really been 4 weeks?  In some ways it has crept by (I feel so out of the loop, want to see every one's pictures, hear all the amazing testimonies I know I am missing) and in some ways it has just flown by (how are we only 2 weeks away from Easter and 3 weeks away from the kids' birthdays!?!?!?!)  Anyway, here's what we've been up to!

Day 22:
We are slowly getting plans made for our glasses drive for the Romanian mission team that is heading out this summer.  Can’t wait to get the kids going on that!  Lord, help us to reach our goal of 300 glasses so these people will be able to read Your word and be changed forever.

Day 23:
I am really having a hard time getting motivated today!  This is the third day in a row Kevin and I have gotten up to exercise together.  I am so sore I can barely move!  The kids have already enjoyed a little more than an hour out in the snow (great PE hours, right?!) and it’s only 11!  I guess we’ll just wait to start school until after lunch today.

Day 24:
Man, today was a crazy day!  I made it out to church to make the copies of the James memorization cards to take to the Ladies in Purple conference in two weeks.  Cutting those sure took longer than I thought!  A huge thanks to Calvary for letting me print them there and to Beverly for laminating them for me!  Can’t wait to share them with the ladies!!!!

Day 27:
I am noticing it is getting harder and harder for me to get on and do these updates because, without facebook, I am getting on the computer less.  I am thinking this may be a good thing!  I have gotten way more housework done and spent some sweet moments with the kiddos.  I do, however, miss getting share and see all the things God is doing with those around me. 

We did our poverty meal on Haiti tonight.  I am just blown away by the poverty in that country.  To be honest, as I sat looking at pictures, it was almost hard to tell whether they were pre or post earthquake.  That is so sad!  We have some friends heading there on a mission trip soon and they will be working with an orphanage when they go.  Many of the orphans are those who were found living in the sewers, parentless, after the earthquake three years ago.  The saddest part, and the part the kids just couldn’t get over, is that these children are not adoptable because they are undocumented orphans. They will never know a “forever family” here on earth.  This is the second country we’ve learned about with children that will just never know a true earthly family and it breaks my heart.  Those are the orphans that I just want to reach out and love on and pour all I can out to.  Perhaps this is how God will use our family among the orphans of the world, I am not sure.  Once again, I forgot to take pictures, but it was a memorable night for all of us!  I think the thing that stuck out in their mind, other than whole families having to live in tents, was when we told them they could go play, but they could each only play with one toy.  We wanted them to know what it’s like to not really have anything, and we thought that would be a good lesson for them.  Oh, you should have heard the bargaining that went on!  In the end, they did it and were able to use their imaginations and have a grand time, but they won’t soon forget the night they only got to play with one toy!

Day 28:
I got  to work on our Christian Passover Meal that we’ll be doing for the first time this year.  I found two online that I liked and kind of combined them together into something we could use.  One of them has a study guide to do with your kids leading up to it, so I am excited to do that as part of school the week of Easter.  I am praying that God will use this to remind us all of His grace and love in becoming our Passover Lamb!

I leave one week from today for our next Ladies in Purple Conference!  I am excited!!  I get to see some amazing ladies I haven’t seen in awhile.  I love these ladies!  Of course, I have begun pouring over my scripts like mad hoping that I remember everything!  I am sure Kevin loves that he gets to sit here and run lines….but he is so good and does that with me! 

I do feel bad, however, because I am pretty sure I will be leaving him with the house in shambles!  We’ve had to move school to the middle of the living room floor because the school area flooded a bit in the big rain we had on Sunday.  So, Kevin will probably be having to rip out the flooring there (and maybe even some of the carpet) in order to fix whatever the problem is.  So, school is a little scattered at the moment…oh…and did I mention that he will be working full-time and doing school for me next week?  He must really love us!  So, I am trying to get school done and get “sub plans” done (ha ha!  Like I even know how to do such a thing!), which just makes things an even bigger mess!

Lord, lead and guide us as we look to being apart next week.  Give us all peace and rest in You alone.  Continue to show us how we can give to others out of the abundance you have given us.  Mold us and shape us.  Give all four of us a heart for loving on and sharing with others for the purpose of them coming to know You.  Give all four of us a desire to know more of Your word, know more of You, and to be more like You!

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