March 26, 2013

End of Lent and Other Random Things

I have to admit, I've lost count of the days for Lent.  This past week was long, crazy, fun, and I am thankful for every moment of it (even though the majority of it was spent away from my family). 

I left on Tues. to head out on the first leg of my journey toward our second Ladies in Purple Conference.  I only went as far as Harrison, AR, where I was able to spend the evening with some sweet friends.  On Wed. I picked up another sweet friend and the two of us headed to Salado, TX for the next step in our journey.  It was about a 12 hour driving process, broken up a bit by a dinner stop with an old friend.  When we got to Salado we stayed up wait to late visiting with some amazing college friends, who are on this ministry journey with us.  Oh, how I love that God gives us those forever friends who, even when we don't see or talk to them everyday (or even every week or month), we can pick up just like no time has passed!  I am so blessed! 

Thursday we were joined by one last amazing friend and we headed to Bastrop, TX to start our ministry.  What a great time we had!  God really blessed us with some great "down" time to just hang out, just the four of us.  We really needed that.  We stayed in some sweet host homes and were able to have some great conversations with the ladies hosting us.  The conference went well and I think several of the ladies really went home refreshed and ready to start working on becoming the woman, wife, and mother God asks us to be.  Not perfect, just obedient!

Because we were so tired, we ended up spending the night again in Salado and not heading back to AR until Sunday.  I dropped off my friend and headed for home.  But, once it got dark and the wind was about to blow me off the road, I decided it was best to stop for the night and continue my journey on Monday.  So, I got home a day later than I was hoping, but I was so blessed by the time spent with those sweet, amazing, Godly ladies!  Thank You, Lord, for placing ladies in my life, both near and far, who are willing to share their lives and their wisdom with me!

As Lent draws near an end and I realize that I will be back on facebook next week, I am not sure what to think.  I certainly didn't miss it as much as I thought I would and I hope that I will be able to continue to use it in a manner that encourages others and points them to Christ, but that I don't allow it to monopolize my time. I have enjoyed the extra time I have had to spend with my kids, exercise, finish things around the house, etc.  Lord, thank You for this time to see where I truly need to spend my time!

Looking forward to celebrating Easter this week.  We are doing a Passover meal on Thursday (I have no idea if that is actually where it fits into the week, but it's the day that worked best for us.) Today we took time to look at the first passover and to read a bit about what each of the foods represents.  Sophie really enjoyed it.  She is looking forward to helping us get it all prepared this week.  I think we will be doing something different with our Easter baskets this year.  Instead of filling a basket with more things neither of them need, we're going to fill a box, as a family, of items that we can send with a friend to Haiti to do a dental clinic. Christ came to serve and gave His life for ours, so we are going to follow His example and serve others with this holiday, even in this small way. Lord, continue to mold and change our hearts!  Help us to always want to share you with others. 

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