March 01, 2013

Easter Ideas

So, in between Lent posts, I am dropping in another post to ask for some advice/creative ideas.  As we look toward Easter, I want to know how those of you out there celebrate this time, yet keep the focus on Christ's death and resurrection, as it should be. (OK, I guess I should start by calling it Resurrection Sunday instead of "Easter" since that name actually comes from the name for the goddess of spring, which goes against what I am trying to accomplish, I suppose!) I don't want to go overboard and be so heavy-handed with it that my kids dread this time each year.  Rather, I would like to be able to begin some traditions that have us anticipating the Resurrection each year, not just wanting to dye eggs and get baskets filled with candy.  Similar to Christmas, I want to take back this holiday and put the focus where it needs to be, but I am at a loss as to how to do this.  I look forward to hearing what your families do to celebrate that "He is risen!  He is risen indeed!!!"

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