February 26, 2013

Lent-Week 2

What a week this second one has been!  It'll be a bit longer this time and not really in the form of updates...oh, and some pics!  (And don't forget to check out the post before this one so you can see Sophie and Daddy playing their first duet!)

Day 8:
Kevin is home!  He is such a blessing!!!  We didn’t get any school done today, but we had a great time visiting with friends, making cards for daddy, and snuggling on the couch.  Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week.  We get to enjoy family quest together, then Kevin and I get to enjoy choir, orchestra, and band rehearsal.  We are so blessed with such talented people in our church.  And I so enjoy my time with them on Wednesdays and Sundays. 

Ethan was able to say the 10 Commandments tonight at church. I am so proud of him.  Memorizing doesn’t come quite as easily to him as it does Sophie and he worked really hard to learn them.  Sophie and I learned the first three verses of the last chapter of the Sermon on the Mount this week.  I am so proud of how well she is doing with this.  Lord, help these verses to stay with her throughout her life.  Use them to draw her to You and bring those verses to mind anytime she is struggling or doubting. 
Day 9:
What a fun day today has been.  The snow is beautiful and so fun to play in!  In fact, we had so much fun, I kept thinking today was Friday!!  What a fun, sweet, winter day full of family, games, books, sleds, and chicken tortilla soup.

Sophie and I made scripture cookies today.  It was a recipe I found on Pinterest awhile back.  You had read the scripture verses and fill in the blanks to find out the ingredients.  It made oatmeal raisin cookies, which aren’t our favorite, but it sure was a fun experience.  It was really neat to see that she already knew several of the verses and was able to finish them correctly before we looked them up and read them together.

Day 10:
I made doughnuts from scratch today.  They weren’t too bad, but tasted a little yeasty.  The glaze turned out pretty well, too.  Ethan ate almost all of them himself, so they couldn’t have been too bad!  Making them was pretty fun because Ethan helped me.  He said, “Mom, I want you to teach me how to cook.”  It was so cute and such a fun time with just the two of us.
I have a great husband.  He shoveled our driveway and his mom’s driveway.  It looks great out there.  Sure am glad it didn’t snow until after he came home.  I could not have shoveled all that!
A combination of something one of my dear friends said to me on the phone the other day and something I read yesterday really had me thinking.  My friend was commenting on how I am a person who can only stand being around others for so long, then I need some time, even if it’s just 30 minutes, alone in order to recharge.  That is so true!  I just go on overload if I don’t get some alone time each day.  Of course, this isn’t all that easy when you’re a stay at home, homeschooling mom!  But, as I was reading a book on raising girls the other day, the author was making a point that each child is different.  The illustration she was using was that she and her son could be three stories apart, but both reading a book, and to him that quality time doing something together.  For her daughter, if they weren’t right next to her doing the same thing, it didn’t count as spending time together.  This was a huge eye opener to me for how Sophie thinks.  We will have spent most of the day at the school table or on the couch working on our school work and projects and then she’ll come to me asking if we can do something together.  I’m thinking, “Do something together?  We’ve been doing something together all day.  I just need ½ an hour to myself!” But, reading that book helped me realize that to her, the time spent doing school doesn’t count to her as time spent together.  It’s just school!  But, because I am one who needs to spend more time alone than with people, anytime not alone counts as together time.  I have to work really hard and be really intentional about spending time with her so that she feels loved and cared for at all times.  Lord, help me to be sensitive to this and desire to be more intentional about my time with Sophia.
Day 11:
What a fun, lazy day this was!  Kevin took the kids to have doughnuts and visit grandma for a bit.  This gave me a chance to do some cleaning, have a good quiet time, and work some more on the James devotions.  It was a much needed break.
We also had fun sledding out at the hill by the city pool.  That place never disappoints!  The hills were pretty fast and we even made it all the way to the fence a few times.  Then, we had the pleasure of heading out for an evening of bowling and dinner to celebrate the birthday of a sweet friend.  Lots of fun had by all!!!
Day 12:
Today was a hard day to not be on facebook.  My grandfather had a bad diabetic episode this morning, and I would have loved to have been on there to send out the prayer request and to thank his neighbor for being willing to help him.  He seems to be OK now, but they are still watching him closely hoping that they have worked out the insulin issues.
Have I said lately how much I enjoy the children’s choir musical?  I love that it’s pretty much all scripture and I love hearing those kids sing it over and over.  And they sing with such joy!  Can’t wait to share it with the church on Mother’s Day!
Sophie and Kevin playing their first piano/guitar duet today.  Jingle Bells never sounded so sweet to me!
Day 13:
What a crazy day today!  But, we sure had fun!!!!  Kevin and Ethan had a daddy/son day building a coat rack for Grandma.  Ethan had so much fun sanding the wood, staining it, and then drilling all the holes.  Of course, daddy helped!  Sophie and I picked up Grandma and headed out for some shopping so we would be prepared for being shut in during the big storm headed our way!  We did get a little school done, but not much.  But, I think the fun and the quality time spent together was better than school any day!
We also were able to purchase some gifts for Ben and Megan to take to the orphanage when they go next week.  Sophie and I had a lot of fun picking out little treats for the kids.  I think Sophie would have put everything she saw in the cart if we could have afforded it or fit it in the car!
We kicked off our recycling tonight with a little party at the Humiston’s!  Not sure Ethan really caught on, but Sophie is excited.  I just hope it doesn’t take me too long to remember that things go in the recycle bin, not the trash.  I am very excited about this new way to worship God by caring for the world He so lovingly made and gives to us to care for each day.

Day 14:
Well, it’s 5:15 a.m. and I cannot sleep.  But, what beauty I got to see out the window because I couldn’t sleep!  Lord, thank you for snow.  Thank You for its beauty.  Thank You that it ushers in new life.  Thank You that it’s so fun to play in!!!! 
Also, since I am up, I’ll bring Grandpa Gene, Grandma Dorothy, mom, Aunt Jeanette and Aunt Karen to You.  Lord, let them feel Your arms around them.  Show Yourself as the God who Heals.  You alone are the great physician.  Restore his mind, restore his blood sugar levels, pour out Your peace on the others.  Give sleep and true rest as we all trust in You.

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