December 17, 2012

Light 'Em Up-Week 4

Well, I couldn't wait until Friday again this week!  When we delivered our cookies and M&M's in the second week, we met Bonnie.  She is a widow who has MS and lives just 4 or 5 houses down from us.  I wanted bread for dinner, needed an activity for this week, and the recipe made more bread than we could eat in one meal.  So, I decided, without consulting anyone else (yeah, that's how I roll...I am a control freak, after all) we would take Miss Bonnie some bread.  Sophie helped some with the kneading (Ethan wasn't interested!), so it was fun to see how proud she was that she was helping to give something to Miss Bonnie.  It crossed my mind, "You know, I should do a loaf or two of bread each day today this week to give away."  Of course, I knew that this was an unrealistic goal for me (as I am trying to cram 5 days of school into 2 this week--which includes building a volcano to destroy the Ancient Minoan people!!), so if I have time to make more, we'll make more deliveries.  I had intended to put some scripture verses with the bread, but that just didn't happen.  But, clearly, just the fact that we made something for her meant more than I had imagined.

 Lord, continue to keep Bonnie on our heart.  Help us to genuinely care about and love her as though she was part of our family.  Show us how to meet her physical needs so we can show her that You are the only One who can meet hear greatest need-that of a Saviour.  Use this to teach our children the importance of truly and genuinely loving others and putting others first!

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