December 08, 2012

Light 'Em Up--Week 2

This week we delivered M&M goody bags and cookies to our neighbors.  The M&M bags had a little poem with pieces of the Christmas story in it.  We also made chocolate chip cokies to deliver.  The deliveries were cold, but went well.  We gave out 9 bags of cookies and 11 bags of M&M's.  There were only a few neighbors that weren't home.  Everyone seemed really surprised someone was handing out goodies for free and couldn't help but smile as Ethan felt them need to describe to them exactly what was in the bag (as if they couldn't tell just by looking at it!)  We got to have a really good conversation with a woman just a few houses down.  Pray for Bonnie, she is a widow and has MS, so she doesn't get around well.  Hoping we can perhaps develop a relationship with her and be able to help her some. 

 Here is the M&M portion of the treats...step by step.

We also gave some cookies!
Getting ready to head out to give the neighbors their cookies!

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