December 01, 2012

Light 'Em Up-Week 1

Well, we survived our first Light 'Em up activity!  Yesterday we went through our closets and toy bins to give away things that we didn't need or that no longer fit.  It went pretty well.  The kids were reluctant at first, but we were able to have a really good talk about how everything we have comes from God and that He wants us to be good stewards of what He gives us.  If we don't use something or can't wear something, but someone else could, then being a good steward, we should pass that along so others can be blessed.  Ethan never really got fully into the spirit, mainly because he got distracted by every toy we pulled out and started playing with it, but Sophie really did.  It warmed my heart! 

Here are the bags of stuff that we took to Douglass Community Center.  They help people in Hannibal and they are just down the street from us.  The kids helped carry the bags in and everything!

The kids with the bags of stuff.  I guess it helped them sort better being in costume?!?!?

Hopefully next week's project will go just as well!

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