November 30, 2012

The Curious Savage

This is my one theatrical regret.  The one show I wish I could have been in.  This show just grabbed my heart like none other, and I really don't know why!  We did this show my junior year of college and, since I wasn't cast in it, Mr. K asked me to be assistant director.  I later learned this meant I just did a little of everything and made sure stuff was done and ready on time!  (A role I was born for, right?!?!?)  Anyway, I was at every rehearsal...and at every rehearsal-without fail-I cried.  This plot and the dialogue just got my heart every time.  (Not to mention the fact that the cast was stellar!!!)

I am bringing this up because my Alma Mater opened this show this week and Kevin and I are going tonight to see it.  Now, if you know me, you know that I tear up just walking through the doors of a theatre (thank you, Quarton gene pool), but I know tonight there will be a few extra tears completely unrelated to the show...well...maybe not completely.

When we did this show it was in the spring.  It was the spring before Tim and Amber were to be married.  Now, Amber pretty much stole the whole show and pretty much all she ever said was, "I hate everything in the world!"  But, man, her delivery was spot on every time!  However, I am not sure that Tim ever got to see her amazing performance.  He got a bad sinus infection and was just feeling horrible, so I think, though I may be wrong, that he missed the performances because he was just too sick to be able to make it out.  That might not mean much to you, but, just a few short months later an aneurysm took Tim's life.  In a matter of a few short months he went from being engaged to the love of his life to worshipping at the feet of his Creator.  It happened so suddenly and out of the blue.  None of us were prepared.  Luckily, Tim was! 

Anyway, I guess I just want to say, life is short.  Let people know you love them.  And, just because Lauren Allen will laugh and think it's cheesy, (and you'll have to go see the show to understand this line) "Take an umbrella, it's raining!"

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