November 27, 2012

Light 'Em Up!!!

We are going to try something new this year....I got it from this website.  We aren't doing it quite as all out as they do, because I feel like it's a little too late to plan for that, but we are going to try to do more this Christmas here in our little section of the community.

Our goal is to do one thing each week for others or that can be given to others.  We'll mainly be focusing on the people in our neighborhood.  We have chosen Friday as the day to get things made, etc. each week.  This day works best for us because we're on Christmas break from our Friday home school classes.  We don't do other school on Fridays, so for the month of December we have all day on Fridays to focus on these activities.  We haven't really had time, yet to sit down and iron out just what activities we would like to do, but some we've discussed are: cookies for the mail man, small Christmas gifts that somehow tell the true story of Christmas for the family across the street, some kind of activity we do with the children across the street, prayer walking the neighborhood.  Again, we still have some refining to do, but I am excited...OK, somewhat excited.  This is so out of my comfort zone!  I don't like meeting new people and I don't like talking to people I don't know, so this is going to be tough for me!!!  That's really why I am putting this out there...I need the accountability of knowing you're all out there expecting to hear how things went!  Thanks for pushing me to get out of my box.

I'll post some pics, etc as we do these projects.  If any of you do this type of things take pics and let us know!  I am hoping that this will spark a new passion for our family and we will continue this throughout the year!

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