November 24, 2012

Adoption Fundraiser

OK, before you go thinking, "Wait, what?  Adoption?  When did the McSmiths decide to adopt?" (And Bryan Taylor, before you start saying, "I told you so!")....this fundraiser is not for me, but for some sweet friends here in Hannibal.  They have been on this adoption journey for quite awhile and, Lord willing, it will be ending in Spring/Summer 2013!!!! 

This is the Humiston family!!!  (Jennifer, Jeremy, Grace, Faith, and Titus).  They will be adding little David to their family soon!  This is one of the coolest, closest, and sweetest families I know and I am so honored to share this cool opportunity for you to help them raise funds for their adoption and honor David's birthday at the same time!  Here is a little note from Jennifer:

I’m so excited to introduce you to our clan and share with you about this crazy journey God has our family on called adoption. We began dreaming of adopting when we first go married in 2004. We have three biological children Grace, 6 years, Faith, 5 years, and Titus, almost 3 years. After a complicated pregnancy and emergency c-section resulting in the birth of our son we knew it was time to adopt. Our heart for the orphan couldn't wait any longer. We hit some bumps along the way, but in April of 2012 I traveled to West Africa on a mission trip. While there I made connections with a local orphanage. In June we began paperwork to adopt from the orphanage I had visited. We can't wait to bring home our sweet little guy, David. 
On November 24th David will turn two years old. We are so glad this will be his last birthday without a forever family. Grace and Faith are the best of friends and Titus can't wait to meet his brother and already has a bunk bed to prove it. We are hoping to introduce David to our family in the Spring/Summer of 2013. We are currently completing paperwork and raising funds towards that goal.

If you’d like to know more specifics about the timeline of their adoption you can read about it on Jennifer’s blog here: Humiston Adoption
Maybe you are wondering why I’m sharing all of this on my blog. I’m glad you asked!

In honor of David’s birthday the Humiston family is doing a week long online fundraiser for their adoption. If you purchase any item in the following etsy shops during November 24-30th 100% of the purchase price (minus fees & shipping) will go straight to their adoption fund.

I know you have Christmas shopping to do and I thought maybe you would like to buy something and help bring little David home too! There's lots of good stuff!!! New items will be added throughout the week.

To help simply click on the links below and purchase an item between now and November 30th.

If you would like a card with David’s picture and “The purchase of this item helped to bring David home to his forever family.” to include with your gift simply e-mail Jennifer at and she will be happy to send you one.

Thanks for considering helping out the Humiston’s.

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