September 06, 2012

James 1:1-4

It's that time again!!!  Sophie will be in the service with us this week, so I am putting together her worship binder. Just want to give all you parents out there some words of encouragement: First, I encourage you to at least try bringing your children with you for the whole service at least once a quarter.  It will be an experience you (and your child) will not forget.  I know it's work and there's always the fear that your child will be disruptive, but don't underestimate this precious child you've poured so much into all week long!  They are capable of so much more than we give them credit for, I promise!  I also want to encourage you to take the time to make them a worship notebook of some kind so they can be engaged in the service.  But, not just engaged, engaged with the same topic that the pastor is speaking about (whenever possible).  The point of bringing your child to the service with you isn't to teach them how to sit still (I mean, let's face it, they learn this all week long in school, pretty sure they've got that one down!), but to pour truth into them in a way different than what they've gotten all week long.  I know that many are concerned because they'll be bored or it will be over their heads because it's not "geared toward them."  To that I say (at least at our church), they have Sunday School on their level, Family Quest on their level, Kidz Quest on their level, most likely family devotions at home on their level, and those who are home schooled have Bible classes on their level.  I just don't think it's too much to ask for them to have one time a week where they get the Bible in a different way on a different level.  After all, doesn't Scripture say that His Word will not return void?  If truth is going in, God can use that in their lives!  I also want to encourage you to be sure you are printing some things for their notebook yourself.  To me, this is so important.  When your child knows that YOU have taken time to put something together for them so that they can actively participate in the cooperate worship and teaching, it will mean so much more.  Now, for some of you, all that will mean is that you print off the documents you find here.  For some of you, that will mean spending 10-20 minutes during the week to put together something on your own.  Either way, put some effort of your own into it and I promise it will pay off!  It may be slow, but it will happen!!!

 Here are a few of the documents that I am putting in there this week.  Also, is a great resource for printing things.  You just have to create an account (it's free for the basic account) and put in the words you want to use that week, then you can go to the games section and print activities for your child.  We use this site for school and for our worship notebook.

--This website will be useful for CBC members over the next two months or so as Bro. Jeff will be doing a series on the book of James.  You will be able to use some of this for the worship notebook and some of it possibly for some family devotions at home!:  James Children's Church Lessons
--James 1:1-4
--James 1:1-4 Fill in the Blank
--Basic Intro Questions

I hope this helps as you prepare your little one for worship this week!!!

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