August 24, 2012

Joyfully Heartbroken

Is that even a real phrase?  Well, it may not be, but that's kind of how I feel in just about every area of life right now!  Joy and heartbreak mingle beautifully together as our family and others take steps of faith and obedience. 

  • Joyfully Heartbroken about friends moving on to new places.  Joyful because God is guiding each and every step and leading them to serve others in areas where He has given them a passion.  Heartbroken because it means he's moving them on from here.  I spent much of my childhood as a preacher's kid, so moving around and moving on are no foreign concept to me.  But, I am beginning to realize, it's a whole different ball game when you are the one being left behind rather than the one leaving.  Not sure that one is harder than the other, just very different!  But, God honors obedience and His hand is all over this situation so I know I can rest in Him for our future and that of my sweet friends!
  • Joyfully Heartbroken that God has not asked us to join our sweet friends in this journey.  Heartbroken because it means letting them go and no longer living life with people that are such an encouragement and blessing to our lives.  Joyful because it allows me to stay with other friends and continue living life with them.  Joyful because we have been able to clearly see God's hand of provision in our obedience to remain where we are. 
  • Joyfully Heartbroken over changes that God is slowly making in my heart.  Joyful because I can't wait to see where God leads me and our family as He makes change after change.  Heartbroken because I know that it will mean letting go of a lot of things to which I have been clinging (though I know it will be for the best in the end!)
  • Joyfully Heartbroken for all that I feel God will do in our church and church family.  Joyful because I think God will be drawing us nearer to Him and helping us to lead our families in joyful obedience to Him.  Joyful because I feel that service and worship are about to meld into one and become a lifestyle rather than an extracurricular.  Heartbroken because I know God will not lead all of us on this journey and there will be more goodbyes in the future.
Lord, thank You for the changes going on all around me, even when I don't understand them or like them.  Lord, continue to mold and shape me and my family as we seek You and all that You would have us do to show You to this amazing world You have created!  Move, mold and shape!!!!

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  1. i so wholeheartedly agree Heather... IF we are seeking TRUE relationship and His ministry by drawing nearer and nearer to HIm we MUST be obedient to ALL He wants of us. Sometimes it is heartbreaking, because some dont understand.... or dont desire to. But God gives TRUE joy in the midst of it all when we are being and serving as HE desires...