July 23, 2012

Will You Join Me in Prayer?

I just wanted to come to my sweet readers and ask you to join me in prayer for a few things over the coming weeks.  Thanks in advance for joining with me!

--The kids and I will be leaving on Thurs. to head to TX to meet up with some awesome college friends and their families.  Pray for traveling mercies as we go.  I've never made this long of a trip, with the kids, without Kevin and I am a bit nervous! 
--While in Austin my friends and I will be helping to lead a Creative Arts Camp for children.  As you can guess, I am totally excited about this.  However, I am also nervous because I do NOT have the gift of teaching (I know, all the more scary that I home school, right?!!?)  Thankfully I will mostly be assisting an amazing mother/actress/writer/teacher who can do amazing things with children, so all should be good!  Pray that we will have wisdom while teaching and that we can use those times as teaching moments to direct all the children to God!
--Also while in TX my friends and I will be rehearsing for the drama portion of a new ministry, Ladies in Purple.  This is a ministry that, at this time, is geared toward women (specifically mothers) and encouraging them to strive to make their homes true Deut. 6 homes.  This is something near and dear to all of our hearts, so we would love your prayers for God's guidance, leadership, wisdom, and good memory!  As this ministry gets off the ground, I will be sharing more about it!
--God has really been moving my heart to get more involved in encouraging women to be more intentional with their families and the Word.  However, I have no idea what this means!  Please join me in praying for clarity and purpose, that I may truly seek God's glory in all I do to this end.  Looking forward to seeing how God will use me and my family as we lay aside our wants and goals and dreams and seek what He truly has in store for us.
--We want to teach our children more about giving to God and others and sacrificing our time, energy, and gifts to that end.  Will you join with us as we seek out how we can accomplish this on a daily basis?  Specifically, I want to find something that, as a family, we can do or make or sell or something that will provide a continual income in order to sponsor or support another child or orphan or ministry in a third world country.

Thanks again for lifting me and my family to the Lord!  I look forward to being able to report the amazing things that God does in and through us!

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