April 24, 2012

Psalm 19

This Sunday, as it is the 5th Sunday of the month, all of the children will be in the service with us.  I look forward to these times, as I find I learn more as I try to explain things to Sophie throughout the service.  I've had a few parents ask me to share what it is I do for Sophie on those weeks that she stays in the service with me and I thought this week would be a good week to do that!

For starters, the weeks that she will be in the service, I email Bro. Jeff to find out what he is preaching on that week.  He has always been very helpful in providing, not only the topic, but the scripture passages, as well.  We usually try to read the scripture passage together at least once before Sunday so that when she hears it in church, she really perks up because it's something she knows.  We also use that time to explain the verses to her on her level.  This gets her a little more prepared for the service. 

Next, I go to the computer and use the wonderful power of Google!  I put in any and all phrases I can think of and try to pull up coloring pages, word searches, and all sorts of things!  I also have a free account at www.spellingcity.com where I can create a word list and then print off that list and other "games" that she can do with those words.  (I also use this with spelling for school.)  Also, www.ministry-to-children.com is a great resource for coloring pages.  I created a generic sheet of questions that can be used in the event that I don't know the topic, or just for use any time. You can get that here.  Then I gather all the things I have printed (and if possible, I save them to the computer by topic because you never know when you may need those again!), hole punch them, then put them in her worship binder!  (I just use an extra 3-ring binder I had lying around.  I printed a cover and taped it to the front so she would have something special that she used everytime she came to the service with us.  It's also a nice way to keep the papers together and then you can go back through and discuss what you have previously learned, as well.  Plus, it's just easier to turn the pages in a binder!)

Here is another great "generic" sheet you can use for any service.  This is a pretty good page for those who may not be quite old enough to read (because we all know that just because they can't read doesn't mean that they can't listen and learn!)

So, for this week, here are some of the things that will be in Sophie's worship notebook (along with the "generic" questions):
Psalm 19
Psalm 19 Fill in the Blank
Psalm 19 word list
Signs and Season Color Page (from Ministry to Children)

I hope this helps you as you teach and worship with your children!

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  1. Great help, Heather! Thanks for sharing! We will definitely use this!