March 02, 2012

Time Keeps Marching On...

You know, when I started this blog, I had grand intentions of writing something fun and witty and possibly even helpful at least once a week.  As you can tell, that is not so much happening.  There are two reasons for this: 1-I just don't seem to be able to find that time to do that, and 2-(and the main reason) I just don't have anything that great to say!

Anyway, things are pretty exciting here in the McSmith house...or at least I think so.   We're in the midst of Lent and we are doing several new things in our house to celebrate and point our hearts toward Christ in this season.  We are doing a Lent Tree, which is much like the Advent Tree that we did at Christmas.  I have so enjoyed retelling these great Old Testament stories each day and seeing anew how every detail points to Christ!  It has also been very neat to see Sophie start to grasp just little pieces here and there in each story and it's correlation with Christ and His dying on the cross for our sins.  We've pretty much been able to share the plan of salvation everyday.  God is good!

Sophie finished memorizing the scripture in our white book from church.  We are so proud of her!!  She worked really hard at it.  And while I must admit that there are times I am pretty sure she was only learning them in order to get that piece of candy, we are praying that God will use those scriptures to grab hold of her heart and open it to His truth, which will draw her to salvation.  Over the next year we'll be learning The Sermon on the Mount, just two or three verses at a time each week.  Looking forward to all we will learn together in this process (even though there will be a lot of hard things to explain, as the verses talk about divorce and adultery.)

I've also really enjoyed doing more cooking and making things from scratch! Who knew!  And homeschooling has been great for that.  Just in the last week or so we've made blueberry muffins, brownies, granola, pretzels, and pop tarts!  Great ways to learn about other states, remembering to pray, serving others, and fractions.  Good times in this house!!!!!

I've also enjoyed taking part in Ann Voskamp's JOY DARE challenge.  Each month she prints off a list that has 3 different kinds of gifts to look for each day and be grateful.  For instance, one day was 3 gifts outside and today's was 3 green gifts.  Some days it's more challenging than others to come up with the three gifts that day, but so fun to always be searching to find those sweet little gifts each day.  Just three among the thousands He gives every moment of every day!!!

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