March 26, 2012

Scripture Memory and Prayer Walking

Last Sunday was so special to us as we were able to honor Sophie for all her hard work with scripture memory.  We also got to honor her at a dinner with the Haye family...but I forgot to take pics of that!  Here are some pics and a video from Sunday, though!

We also started prayer walking our neighborhood last week.  In my last post, I noted my apprehension toward this.  That hasn't really changed, but our first experience was a pretty good one.  Of course, as we were walking, the only people that seemed to be home were women, so I got to do the majority of the talking and praying with people, which was so uncomfortable for me!  But, God was gracious that they were people who do attend church and weren't freaked out by us asking to pray with them, so that was good!  I don't know that I can say I am looking forward to going back out, but I am not dreading it nearly as much as I was before.  I continue to pray and ask God to change my heart toward my neighborhood and all those He places around me!

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