March 07, 2012

Lessons from the Lent Tree

Oh, how I have enjoyed doing our Lent Tree!  What great lessons God has given me through each of these days.  Day 6 was one of my faves...the story of Abraham and Isaac.  Oh, how I love this story.  It's the first time God reveals Himself as The LORD will provide.  And oh, how he did provide!  He provided Abraham with all the faith and trust he needed to be obedient to something that seemed so crazy...and most importantly, He provided the lamb for the sacrifice.  What an amazing God!  He provides everything we need and we can trust Him 100%!!

Today's also hit me.  It was the story of the children of Israel asking God for a king so they could be like everyone else around them.  All this time they had been led by God, but that just wasn't enough.  They needed to be like all the other nations they saw.  Man, that stepped on my toes today.  How often am I staring right at God and all the amazing things He's giving me, and I choose instead to be just like the world.  Rather than taking God's best, I pick up that bag of manure the world thinks is so great, and off I go, not realizing what I am doing.  But, oh, the hope that was in that story.  Yes, God gave in and gave them what they asked for, he let them be like the world.  And oh, they paid for it over and over as king after king chose the world instead of God.  But, it was also through this line He brought us His Son.  It was through this imagery He declared to His people what He would do for them, a kingdom with no end, a king who would rule for eternity!  How sweet to cling to that hope...even when I make wrong or bad choices, God can still use that to bring about His glory and draw me nearer to Him!  Thank You, LORD!

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