December 07, 2011

What to do What to do

So, I read this today and had to just sit in tears for a few moments.  It was what my heart has been screaming for the last month.  As we have been drawing nearer to the Christmas season, my heart was overwhelmed with a sense of needing things to be less about us and more about Him.  But how?  How do I teach my children it's about giving and not taking?  Then I got a World Vision gift catalogue in the mail and all felt peaceful and right!  I was ready to throw away all my Christmas lists and buy at least one of everything in the catalogue! (Oh, if only the bank account would allow that!)  But, somehow, even though Kevin and I talked about it and we both loved the idea, it just hasn't happened.  Every time I have thought about getting rid of the presents for ourselves and doing things for others instead, I just couldn't do it.  Instead, I ended up heading out and buying stocking stuffers and other things that we really just don't need?  Why?  Well, as I have been pondering this, it's just plain selfishness and pride.  You see, I kept thinking, "What are other people going to think of me if we choose not to get our children gifts for Christmas?  Are they going to think I am mean and cruel?  Will it make my children upset with me because everyone else got gifts and they didn't?  If we start a tradition like this will they come to despise this holiday that is so important to mankind?"  I didn't want any of this to happen so I have shied away from it. Still not sure what to do, but the blog post was a breath of fresh air and a reminder of what is truly important!  Lord, lead Kevin and I to what you would have us do for Your Kingdom in this season.  Show us what our tradition for You needs to be each year and each day that You give us.  Help us to share You with all we do!

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