November 15, 2011

Still Counting His Gifts

It seems it's been a while since I have posted about the many gifts He has given.  Probably because I have been listing gifts daily on Facebook for the month of November...but there are so many gifts!

--sweet children's smiles
--rehearsals for the Christmas show
--sweet friends
--worshipping with my church family
--Barlow Girl
--Sophie singing in the back seat
--Family Quest
--learning about Passover
--Christ is our Passover Lamb
--sloppy, surprise kisses from Ethan
--sitting on the couch with the hub each night
--family trips to the Y
--family pics
--people with the gift of photography
--daily reminders of God's grace and love
--God's complete provision-physical and spiritual


  1. great family photos! and His provision, daily, for our every need. He is so good to us! blessings to you from Uganda

  2. Thanks! It's good to hear encouragement from around the world! Actually, just before we got married, my husband spent about a month doing mission work in Uganda with a group called AweStar Ministries, so I was pretty excited to see someone from there reading my blog!!!