October 03, 2011

"So praise to God on High, He has heard our cry!"

So, I know that line from the song is in reference to God sending Jesus to the earth to save His people who had been crying out for Him for centuries....but it really describes this week for my family!  For more years than I can remember we've been crying out for Christ to send a child to my younger sister and her husband, in whatever way He wanted.  That cry was answered this week!  Little Allison Grace was born on Tues. and the adoption process has begun!  It will be a long 6 or 7 months until everything is finalized, but it has just been amazing to watch God work throughout this process!  So many people have been joined together in prayer and in blessing through this tiny little baby!  The LORD, indeed, is good!

I've also enjoyed getting to see the kiddos with Allison.  Ethan kept asking to hold her, it was just so cute.  Sophie just sat and held her for like 30 minutes.  It was almost enough to melt my heart!  Allison is just so precious and sweet!

Let's see....can I think of any gifts for this last week...yeah, I think so:
-sweet, chubby baby cheeks
-struggling through the process
-rejoicing with friends and family in God's miracles
-watching kiddos with their grandparents
-beautiful fall weather
-reading books at the picnic table
-Christian books
-a loving, hard-working husband
-thoughtful gifts from friends
-late afternoon naps
-reminders of salvation

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  1. Congratulations to your sister! This encourages me - thanks for sharing!