October 11, 2011

I See More of Myself in Her Everyday....Is That a Good Thing?

So as Sophie and I sat on the couch chatting the other day I began to notice just how much like me she really is!  Some of those ways are good, some not so much!  It made me think of a quote from "Studio 60".  One of the characters is asked, "How are you different from your mother?" and she answers, "I hope in as few ways as possible."  I hope Sophie can truly feel that way some day.  I hope that I am setting a Godly and loving example for her to follow each and every day.

Just to put a smile on your face, here are some of the things I have noticed that we have in common:
-We both have the very bad habit of interrupting people.  Our brains are working a mile a minute and have to spit out what we are thinking when we think of it or we'll never remember it again!
-We can sometimes have a one track mind.  Because of this, often times when we are talking to others we are not listening because we're thinking of something else.  I've teased that this will make Sophie a great press secretary!  When she has something on her mind, there's no getting her to talk about or do something else until she has fully gotten that thought out!
-We both loved watching ALF when we were too young to understand how poorly it was written and acted!
-We both need time with others, but we also both need time alone.
-When we are sick, we are the world's biggest babies!
-We both perform better with an audience than in rehearsal.  By this I mean that there have been many times when she can't say her scripture verse or something here at home, but when she is at church and the pressure is on, she does it flawlessly!  I am much the same way.
-We both laugh a lot when we're tired.
-We both would give away every dime we had if someone else needed it and there was no one there to stop us.
-We both get very flustered over shoes and outfits.
-We both like worksheets.  It makes us feel like we've really accomplished something!
-We both have weak, wimpy hair.
-We both need acceptance in a major way.
-We both are daddies girls.
-We both can be a bit dramatic at times. 
-We both are always trying to think of little gifts we can give those we love.
-We both love reading.
-We both love to sing random songs at random times that we have made up.
-We can both listen to the same song on repeat for hours.  We can watch the same movie over and over and over and over and over again.
-We both love hot chocolate.
-We both love the color purple.
-We both love Kevin and Ethan.
-We both look forward to waking up each day and seeing what will happen!

Oh, I love this sweet girl!

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