October 30, 2011

End of October Gifts!

--amazing, home made cupcakes
--time spent with family
--children who really are listening, even when you think they aren't  (I just have to share two stories here.  I feel so bad for Ethan most days while we are doing school because we've finally gotten to some things that are harder for Sophie, so I need to spend a little more time with her than I was in the beginning.  I am always afraid that he just feels left out as he sits there on the floor beside us and plays.  But this week, he showed me in two different ways that he's totally learning as she is learning!  Earlier this week he was able to pull out Sophie's pattern blocks and identify every shape-even the hexagon and trapezoid!  Then, this morning at breakfast he randomly looks and we and says, "Mommy, we learned about a miracle.  Jesus had two breads and two fish." [I know he got one little detail wrong, but since we studied this miracle like 3 weeks ago, I figured he was doing good to remember any of it!]  I said, "What did Jesus do with the bread and fish?"  He said, "They ate it."  I couldn't believe that he had remembered it!  He acted like he just didn't want to have anything to do with the story when we were learning it and there we were like three weeks later and he's telling me the story all on his own!
--beautiful fall weather
--date nights
--praying with fellow believers
--warring on our knees
--mini vans
--Kevin McSmith
--Blessing Boy
--Gift Girl

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